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Learn Spanish Phrases

A smile in a storm!

¡Al mal tiempo buena cara! (literal translation – To the bad weather good face.) Significado real: El mal tiempo representa cualquier noticia o situación que

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Una del oeste…

¡Eres más lento que el caballo del malo! (literal translation – You are slower than the baddie’s horse.) Hace un rato, estaba encendiendo mi portátil

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Frases de pies…

1. Levantarse con el pie izquierdo (literal translation – To wake up with the left foot) Real meaning: Used when you don’t have a good

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Shut that door!

¡Qué se escapa el gato! (literal translation – The cat is escaping) Real meaning: It’s a funny way of asking someone to shut a door,

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Estar en Babia

One of the phrases from our recent podcast on voting has an interesting story behind it, that we thought deserved more explantation here on the

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Don’t want your broth?

“¿No quieres caldo? Pues toma dos tazas” (literally, Don’t like broth? Well have two cup-fulls!) This week’s expression is one of my favourites, and is

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