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Learn All The Spanish Vocab And Grammar You Need To Become Fluent, Fast.

The “Inspired Beginners Super Pack” gives you every worksheet for every Inspired Beginners show so far (1 to 30), guaranteeing you quickly advance with your Spanish Fluency

NOW ALSO INCLUDED: ‘Real Spanish Control’ – Our system to quickly bridge the gap to Intermediate!

Who are we and what’s in this pack?

Ben and Marina are world leaders in Real-Spanish teaching. We started the first ever Spanish-teaching podcast in 2005 and have taught ten’s of thousands of students since!

We created the worksheets in this pack so you can hugely increase the amount of Spanish you learn from our podcasts, and fast-track your path to intermediate and advanced fluency.

What you get… Each worksheet in this pack includes:

All the key vocabulary and grammar from each show, to help you easily learn it all and to refer back to whenever you like.

A full transcript and translation of the real Spanish conversation in each Inspired Beginners episode, so you don’t miss out on a single Spanish word or phrase.

– Vocab building exercises to help boost your Spanish vocabulary fast with relevant, useful, ENJOYABLE, everyday words and phrases.

The worksheets are carefully designed to help you get even more out of our audio, and progress faster with your Spanish, up to an Intermediate, and then Advanced level.

It’s like we are sitting next to you saying, “This is the really important stuff you need to learn now!”

Read on then order below!

Now Also Included! – ‘Real Spanish Control’ (Worth US$100)

The system specifically designed to help you quickly bridge the tricky gap to Intermediate – FAST.

You’ll dramatically increase your Spanish listening skills, confidence, and vocabulary, and easily jump up to Intermediate sooner!

We sell ‘Real Spanish Control’ separately as a high-priced, stand-alone pack worth US$100, but we think it’s so important for our Inspired Beginners’ confidence and progress, that we decided to include it with this pack.

So you Get Fluent Faster!

Real Spanish Control includes six extra, carefully created audio+worksheet modules for Inspired Beginners Students who want to jump up to our Intermediate level faster.

Modules cover Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Environment, and Culture.

We teach you 5 crucial learning techniques for improving your Spanish acquisition and comprehension skills – you’ll learn more, faster and easily get more of what Spanish speakers are saying.

Plus we include one of our favourite ‘secret’ tips for massively accelerating your Spanish learning.

And you get our famous “One Hour Private Lesson” Real Spanish Control Audio Bonus.

Your Complete Record: Ser and Estar, Por and Para, Past Tenses and More!

Also in the Inspired Beginners worksheets

You get an extensive Spanish vocabulary and grammar record, including:

– Ser and Estar and Por and Para (made easy at last!)
– Great Spanish Conversation Starters
All of the past tenses in Spanish
– Different ways of talking about the future
– Ways to talk about your holidays, family, city, and home
– Useful vocab for meeting people and discussing your interests
– Practical travel vocabulary

Vocabulary building exercises in every worksheet are designed to easily extend your Spanish vocabulary on all of these subjects.

Extra (Fun!) “Real Spanish Phrases” Inside

If you enjoy the “Real Spanish Phrases” we add at the end of every podcast, then you’ll be delighted to hear that we include even more Real Straight-from-the-streets Spanish at the end of every worksheet.

These are the genuine Spanish phrases being used right now by Spanish Speakers in everyday life (you will not find these in a textbook or App!)

What will all this do for your Spanish?

The huge wealth of real Spanish vocabulary and grammar in this pack is a real feast for the active Spanish-learning mind.

You’ll really enjoy progressing faster towards real Spanish fluency.

You’ll have the structure and guidance you need to improve your confidence and Spanish abilities every step of the way.

It’s like having us by your side making sure you don’t miss all the really important pieces of the puzzle!

Real Spanish Control is the ‘icing on the cake’ – it’s the easy path up to our intermediate level that everyone needs, packed with language learning ‘hacks’ and tips that you only know if you’ve been learning Spanish for years! We give you them all!

You’ll start speaking and understanding REAL Spanish, not ‘App Spanish’ and fit in with the locals faster!

What other Spanish learners like you say about the worksheets in this pack…

“I would recommend this product to anyone…”

The worksheets have provided a great reference to return to time and again and have helped transfer a ton of Spanish into my long term memory. I feel much more competent when speaking Spanish now. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to speak Spanish authentically and with confidence.

Ted P. – Certified Customer

“The worksheets do make an enormous difference…”

The worksheets were as I expected or better. They add to the podcasts as it is easy to miss things when only listening or not know how a word is spelled, for example. As great as the podcasts are, the worksheets do make an enormous difference.

Liz J. – Certified Customer

“You must buy the worksheets.…”

If you are a serious student and want to get the most you can from this program, you must buy the worksheets. The written reinforcement from the translations and the vocabulary make this a great learning tool.

James – Certified Customer

“The material is brilliant…”

I’ve only recently got my hands on the full Inspired Beginners worksheets and I must say I find the material is brilliant. I’ve previously struggled for two years with various courses and textbooks, trying to get beyond beginner level, and I really wish I had heard about Notes in Spanish much sooner.

Bill T. – Certified Customer

And praise for Real Spanish Control…

“Unique and marvellous…”

Frankly, where can you get a great course like this, with audio, for this price. You have unwittingly stumbled upon a unique and marvellous way of learning a language. I now feel that I am having much more fun with Spanish — which means, of course, that I am suddenly leaping to the next level!

Roxanne – Certified Customer

“Loving every minute of it…”

I’m deep into my Real Spanish Control studies and loving every minute of it… the Real Spanish Control package offers plenty of indispensable guidance and information. I think just about any fan of Notes in Spanish can benefit from it.

Linda F. – Certified Customer

Also included:

Your Free, Valuable Bonus Materials!

  • Audio Flashcards Bonus

Access to audio flashcards and accompanying pdfs for Inspired Beginners Season 1, allowing you to test yourself on and remember far more of the key phrases from Season 1.

  • Super “Tips and Tricks” Bonus Mp3

A special bonus episode: our exclusive “Spanish Learners Tips and Tricks” podcast, filled with ideas that ensure you easily learn more Spanish a lot faster!

  • Plus: REAL SPANISH CONTROL! Worth $100!

6 extra, carefully created audio+worksheet modules for Inspired Beginners Students who want to easily jump up to our Intermediate level faster. Designed to bridge the gap to intermediate, Real Spanish Control is one of our most popular stand-alone products. It’s included in this purchase!

  • “One Hour Private Lesson” Mp3 Bonus

We sat down at our living room table and recorded answers to the most important questions raised when we asked you the following question: what would you most like to cover if you had a one hour private lesson with Ben and Marina. Pure Real-Spanish learning secrets!

Plus, New Bonus! The Inspired Beginners App!
Put This Course in your Pocket! (Value: $200)

Inspired Beginners App

As well as following the course on desktop, you can put the whole Course on your phone or tablet with the Notes in Spanish App. At last, an app that teaches you Real Spanish!! So you always have Real Spanish with you on the go!

5 Great Reasons To Get This Pack

1. These worksheets have helped other active Spanish learners like you get MUCH more from our podcasts, so they progress much faster to Spanish confidence and fluency

2. The full transcript and translation of our Spanish conversation means you miss nothing

3. You will easily jump up to and beyond the Intermediate level much sooner with our top-level product ‘Real Spanish Control‘ – now included in this pack

4. You get a complete record of all the key vocab and grammar used in our audios so you nail it now and are ready for the Spanish-learning excitements ahead

5. The cool (and hugely enjoyable!) extra real Spanish phrases in every worksheet mean you sound really Spanish, today!

PLUS! You get the amazing Notes in Spanish App so all these audios and worksheets are always with you on-the-go!


Instant Access – Right Now!

The worksheets in this pack are delivered in our new state-of-the-art learning platform and app. You’ll be able to start using these materials and learning more Spanish right now, on any device, as soon as you complete the purchase process, with instant access instructions in your exclusive members area and sent to your Inbox. Just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

No Risk: Our 100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If during 14 Days from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using these materials with our audio has really helped to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. We are so convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 14 Day total money back guarantee.

It’s a risk-free, no-questions-asked guarantee and there’re no fine print involved.


YES Ben and Marina! Please send me all the worksheets and bonuses in the “Inspired Beginners Super Pack”, PLUS ‘Real Spanish Control’ as soon as possible!

Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button below, complete the whole payment process, and you will receive download instructions immediately:

US$ 97.00

Choose Your Pack (2 Options):

Option 1:
The Inspired Beginners Super Pack

– All the worksheets in the “Inspired Beginners Super Pack”
– Inspired Beginners Audio Bonuses including “Real Spanish Control”
– Inspired Beginners app

US$ 97.00

Option 2:
Best Offer: Upgrade to “The Whole Enchilada” (Most Popular!)

ALL the Notes in Spanish Worksheets so you’re always ready to jump to the next level:
Inspired Beginners Super Pack (this level+all bonuses)
– Intermediate Super Pack (there right when you’re ready!)
– Advanced and Gold Super Packs
(where you’re heading!)
– Notes in Spanish “Conversations’ Worksheets
– Total Over 200 worksheets! (Value: $500+)
– Plus Our “Real Spanish Control” Level-Jumping System (Value: $100)
– Extra Audio Bonuses: “Real Spanish Phrasebook” Course, “How to Sound Really Spanish” (Value: $200)
The Whole Enchilada App – All the Podcasts, Worksheets and Bonuses in one place! (Value: $200)

Normal Price: US$ 992.00

Now: US$ 247.00

More Fantastic Listener Feedback on this pack…


Excellent value & seriously helping with my Spanish studies. I’ve successfully completed 2 years at Warwick University Language School (Beginners & Post-beginners). I wish I’d had this programme from the outset. The worksheets & flashcards are essential.

Paul C. – Certified Customer

“Add so much more…”

The podcasts are addictive – Ben and Marina teach real Spanish in such an inspiring way – The worksheets add so much more learning and are a fantastic resource to have.

Karen N. – Certified Customer

“It really does help massively.…”

The format – audio, transcriptions, extras – is ideal and it really does help massively to use the transcriptions alongside the audio. I’ve since purchased the Intermediate, Advanced and Gold packages and they’re all just as good. There is so much great material to get through… Highly recommended!

Mark K. – Certified Customer

“The worksheets are a must…”

Excellent! Really enjoying it and it makes me want to improve. I practice every day. The worksheets are a must and the audio flash cards are brilliant.

Eileen B. – Certified Customer

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