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…Where is my Saint?

¡Se me ha ido el Santo al cielo! (literal translation – My Saint has gone to heaven)

Real meaning: Used when you are off in another world, have forgotten something, or are feeling a little absent-minded.

Ejemplo 1:
My mother asked me to buy bread on the way from my house to hers. When I arrive at my mothers’ she asks me:
– ¿Dónde está el pan?
Then I realize that during the 10 minute walk I was thinking about the film that I had seen the previous evening and I completely forgot to buy the bread. So I answer:
– ¡Huy! ¡Se me ha ido el santo al cielo!

Ejemplo 2:
Ben is driving and I realize that he has missed an important turn off. So I say:
– ¡Ben!, ¡te acabas de pasar la salida que necesitabamos!
Ben was thinking about the next domain name that he is going to get and hadn’t seen the sign:
– ¡Perdon! ¡Se me ha ido el santo al cielo!

Thanks to Dave H. for today’s phrase. Do you have a favourite Spanish phrase or saying? Send it in!