Our Spanish Learning Audio And Podcasts:

The free Notes in Spanish podcast audios range from Beginner to Advanced. You can listen right here on the web, or on your phone as podcasts.

Choose your Show to Begin

Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast: Perfect if you already know a few basics. We bring you real-world language and learning techniques that you will never find in a textbook. You’ll sound Spanish in no time!

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Intermediate Spanish Podcast. These natural, 100% Spanish conversations on real-world topics help you to start understanding more and improving in confidence, taking your Spanish up to the next level.

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Advanced Spanish Podcast. Relaxed Spanish conversation using the entire range of the Spanish language – ideal for taking your Spanish to the highest level. Includes ‘Notes in Spanish Conversations’ and Advanced Series 1, 2 and 3.

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Gold Spanish Podcast. More advanced-level real Spanish Conversations, followed by English Analysis. Ideal for Advanced and Upper-Intermediate learners.

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