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Our free Spanish audio and video brings you authentic, real Spanish conversations about real-life topics, making you totally confident with your Spanish. Listen here, or on your iPod, mp3 player or phone as Spanish podcasts. Choose your level to begin:

Inspired Beginners Spanish

Perfect if you know a few basics and want to improve your Spanish really fast!
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Intermediate Spanish

100% Natural Spanish conversations that help you learn more and improve your confidence.
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Advanced Spanish

Learn more and stay sharp at the highest level with our real Spanish conversation and interviews. For Motivated Intermediates too!
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Notes In Spanish Gold

Real Spanish Conversation and Analysis for Advanced and Inspired Intermediate Learners.
Free Gold Audio       Get the worksheets: Season 1Season 2

This is simply the best resource on the web for audio in Spanish – let me recommend the worksheets.”
Gary Child – Teacher, UK

My knowledge of current Spanish has improved immeasurably through your podcasts, but the real key to moving forward has been the worksheets…invaluable!”
Michael Gordon