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Boost your Fluency, Confidence and Enjoyment of the Spanish-learning Life when you Join our Inclusive, Motivating “Inner Circle” Membership for Spanish Learners.

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From Tongue-Tied and “Brain-Freeze”, to Fluent and Confident

The “Inner Circle” Membership is where you go from “brain-freeze”, stuck and tongue-tied with your Spanish, to confident, relaxed and fluent in speaking and understanding, knowing that you can reach a very high-level of fluency.

¡Bienvenidos! Somos Ben y Marina…

Ben and Marina

Welcome! We’re Ben and Marina from Notes in Spanish, creators of the world’s first Spanish-learning podcasts.

With over 40 million downloads so far, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Spanish learners to get fluent and confident via real, authentic Spanish conversations.

Ben moved to Madrid from the UK over 25 years ago, where he met Marina, who was born and raised here – a true Madrileña. Together our mission is to teach as many people as possible the real Spanish you’ll never learn in a textbook or “big-name app”.

The Inner Circle

Learn Spanish with us in our membership community

  • New Real Spanish Conversation “Deep Dive” Videos Every Month

Our trademark real Spanish conversations on fascinating real-world topics: Art, movies, sport, food, Spanish culture, adventure, music, literature, bilingualism, the creative life, and more!

  • Monthly ‘Virtual Café’ Q and A’s

Jump onto a group call with Ben and Marina, where we answer all your questions, chat in Spanish, and get members past learning challenges onto the fast-track to fluency.

  • Spanish Conversation Sessions

Join our “Sesiones de conversación” with our Pro Spanish Coach Ariadna, for real conversation and fluency practice with supportive fellow community members.

  • Safe, Friendly Practice Space

Comment on our videos, join fun challenges, enter friendly discussion threads – all fantastic opportunities to practice your Spanish, with optional corrections if you like!

  • Super Community

The most inclusive, friendly, Spanish-boosting community on the net. Members share Spanish-learning wins, stories, and support, plus the best new Spanish movies, series, music, travel tips and materials they’re using to get fluent faster.

  • The Inner Circle Fluency Library

You’ll get access to over a year’s worth of Ben and Marina’s “Inner Circle-Only” Deep Dive videos, Special Reports, Coaching videos, plus the back catalogue of amazing language tips from Coach Ariadna.

The Inner Circle is the place where you:

1. Gain massive confidence in your Spanish.

2. Go deeper in Spanish into really fascinating subjects, so you can understand and talk about a huge range of real-life topics, fluently.

3. Believe that total fluency really is a possibility, and get there!

4. Practice your Spanish with kind support from us, our coaches, and other members, so you improve your accuracy as well as your fluency.

5. Get the best recommendations on the planet for how to get better at every stage.

6. Follow our proven “Real Spanish Fluency Journey” to go from wherever you are now, to the best Spanish speaker you can possibly be.

7. Be part of a supportive community.

8. Be ready for amazing, fulfilling real-life experiences using the Spanish you learn with us.

Notes in Spanish Inner Circle

What our members say…

“A Spanish win…”

There have been a lot of recent Spanish wins for me – the first being signing up for Inner Circle when it opened in May! I enjoy it way more than social media. Since I joined I’ve learned a lot of Spanish, more than I can tell you! I recently wrote to my ‘Airbnb host’ in Almuñécar in Spanish. She was really nice and friendly and totally understood my message.


“It’s certainly, definitely worth it”

The Inner Circle has helped me enormously because there’s always something going on. You can look at it in your own time, and study things at your own speed. There’s always something to listen to, to watch, to read, and to learn. I’d tell anyone who’s thinking of joining the Inner Circle that it’s certainly, definitely worth it. It’s one of the best, if not the best, online resources that I’ve come across. Thank you.


“I joined up without hesitation”

We all learn a lot from each other in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. If you want to make your Spanish learning into part of your daily routine, then the Inner Circle is perfect for you! I joined up without hesitation.

Caroline S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Inner Circle membership OK for beginners?

As a Beginner, we suggest that you first complete our Inspired Beginners podcasts and worksheets – then you’ll be ready for the Inner Circle.

How about Intermediate and Advanced?

This is exactly what you need to grow in confidence, develop your fluency on a wide range of topics, and reach the highest level of Spanish possible, all with close support from us and our coaches.

Are all previous videos and tutorials available to me?

Yes! You get all of the videos, tutorials, grammar tips, and coaching material we’ve every made since the Inner Circle started in 2022, plus a huge library of extra special reports and Spanish-learning goodies that aren’t available anywhere else.

When are new videos uploaded?

We upload at least two new ‘Deep Dive’ videos every month, plus a competition video (where we outline the monthly challenge in Spanish), plus replays of our live “Virtual Café” sessions.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

We record all of our live “Virtual Café” Q and A sessions so that you can watch them later if you are unable to join in.

I’m surrounded by Latin American Spanish, is it OK that you are speaking Spanish from Spain?

Totally fine! Half our students are based in the States and travel frequently in Latin and South America, and report total success with the Spanish they have learned almost exclusively from us! It’s a bit like the difference between English from the UK and the US – it’s essentially the same language and it’s fun discovering the slight differences.

Will I get access to Ben and Marina and Coach Ariadna in The Inner Circle?

Yes! Apart from our regular Inner-Circle only videos we take part in discussion threads, and host monthly Q and A Zooms with you. Coach Ariadna also offers super-popular conversation sessions and optional corrections on your written comments (a member favourite!)

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