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Frases de pies…

1. Levantarse con el pie izquierdo (literal translation – To wake up with the left foot)

Real meaning: Used when you don’t have a good day and everything seems to go wrong. Similar to “Getting up on the wrong side of the bed” in English.

Ben has been very grumpy all day long and when we take a break from work he prepares a tea for himself and doesn’t offer one to me. I say:
– ¿Qué pasa contigo? ¿Te has levantado con el pie izquierdo?

2. Empezar con buen/mal pie (literal translation – Start with a good/bad foot)

Real meaning: To get off to a good/bad start.

Ben comes back from playing tennis with a mate. I ask him how the match went and he tells me:
– He empezado con buen pie, gane los dos primeros juegos pero luego Alistair me dio una paliza y perdí­ 6-2.

Next Saturday I ask the same question and he says:
– He empezado con mal pie, perdí­ el primer juego pero gané todos los demás.