Foody phrases of the week!

Anyone who has spent much time in the company of Spaniards will know that they are obsessed with food. This week’s phrases are two of the most common you will hear in the Spanish kitchen. The first one is ideal for convincing fussy people that eating something isn’t going to kill them, and the second is a big compliment to the chef…

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Where are you? Hello from Central TAFE in Perth!


We really love hearing from everyone who is using the Notes in Spanish podcasts to help them learn Spanish, so we had an idea. Let’s step into the classroom with you lot, find out who and where you are, and let all the other listeners know as well! So, huge kudos to Jim’s class for being the first to step forward and introduce his class in Perth, Australia. I’ll leave it to them to explain the rest, and really hope to hear from more of you soon!

“Hola Ben y Marina,

Somos la clase de diploma español del colegio para adultos Central TAFE en Perth. Cada semestre damos una asignatura distinta relacionada con el mundo hispano parlante. En este momento la asignatura que estamos dando es deporte y ocio.

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Learning Spanish Grammar: Tim Gambrill’s website

If only all of us took notes like Tim Gambrill’s while we were studying Spanish… Tim G (who you may have come across in our forum) has been studying Spanish since 1998, and has taken his level all the way to the top. Luckily for the rest of us, Tim has put his incredibly detailed notes on the Internet, creating a fantastic Spanish grammar website that we really recommend checking out.

We asked Tim how he came to put this great resource on the web, and for a couple of tips for anyone keen to learn Spanish:

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