Intermediate Spanish Podcast 20 – Amor

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It’s love-talk today, for this Valentines special! How people get together in Spain!

¿Que es lo que hace la gente de tu pais la primera vez que queda con alguien?

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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8 thoughts on “Intermediate Spanish Podcast 20 – Amor

  1. Salam

    strangely, in Arabic, media naranja isn’t an exact expression, it would be something like “you’re my other half”

  2. Annie

    I think that internet dating works for some but not all people. I know my parents tried that, but it’s not the same because in person you get to see the way they react to different situations and on the internet sometimes you can say things that you wouldn’t say in person. That same concept goes along with texting.

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