“How you can copy the keen but shy English guy who met a sweet Spanish girl, quickly discovering painless ways to remember more exciting, useful new vocabulary, to rapidly jump up to an Advanced Spanish level where you feel more confident, understand more, and speak more fluently.”

Invest in the Intermediate Super Pack to start the easy jump up to advanced Spanish fluency now!

From: Ben and Marina in Madrid

¡Hola Soon-To-Be-Advanced Spanish Learner!

To become a confident, fluent, and advanced spanish speaker, you don’t need tedious language-learning magic tricks, brain-numbing “language retention methodologies” or endless boring comprehension tests.

You already know how to learn as much vocabulary as you want, and your comprehension is on its way to being fantastic – just think how much Spanish you’ve already learned to get to this level! A huge amount!

Here’s the big secret:

All you need right now, to jump up to Advanced fast, is to focus on the right Spanish – the right vocab, the right verbs, interesting, inspiring, useful Spanish that is a pleasure to learn and perfectly placed to help you quickly skip up to the highest level, immediately removing any feelings of being ‘stuck’ or not moving forwards.

Of course the more you learn, the more it seems like there are thousands of Spanish words, verbs, and grammar points out there that you worry about not knowing yet, but here’s the crucial point:

You don’t need to panic about knowing them all… not even Spanish people use all of them!

Instead, all the words, verbs, little grammar points and tricky subjunctives that you need to focus on right now, are the ones that we’ve carefully selected for you, noted down, and explained in these worksheets, meaning that even the difficult things are interesting and you no longer feel frustrated.

When shy Ben met lovely Marina…

You have to remember that we have first-hand experience with the whole ‘stuck at intermediate’ problem. Ben was there for a few months in his first year in Spain… the very keen but baffled, shy-about-speaking-Spanish English guy, overwhelmed by the scale of the Spanish-learning world…

Then he met Marina the lovely Madrileña, who was suddenly around to answer all his questions exactly when they came up, to point out just which bits of Spanish he needed exactly when he needed them, in order to quickly, within no time of meeting her, revel in the joys of understanding almost everything, on the way to being an Advanced, fluent and confident Spanish speaker.

It’s a rapid change you CAN experience too.

Having these worksheets on hand replicates Ben’s experience of having Marina at his side, guiding you quickly upwards with this personalized learning experience you just don’t find anywhere else.

We’ve worked together to make sure that all the Spanish you’re going to find in these worksheets is current, useful, quickly boosts understanding of real-world Spanish, and is going to give you the perfect foothold as you move up to an Advanced level faster.

Ben’s progress to Advanced was fairly fast, but there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t be too with the same help on hand. You can do it, and we are dedicated to making sure that you do.

Here’s what you get in every one of the 46 worksheets included in this pack:

Notes in Spanish Intermediate Super Pack

A full transcript of all our Intermediate audio conversations: you’re going to see the way the language works in real life, quickly ending confusion over Spanish sentence structure or what was said in the audio, and helping you easily get your head around any differences in the order of words.

The key vocab and grammar list: As one listener put it “the bits you pull out and explain seem to coincide exactly with when I think – What did that mean?” This is where the secret lies, where we show you exactly what you need right now to speak better, understand more, and quickly jump up to the next level.

Useful exercises: These short, useful and enjoyable comprehension and vocab exercises are designed to rapidly push this invaluable Spanish into your long term memory permanently, without any of the pain normally associated with tedious language learning drills.

What is all this going to mean to your Spanish?

  • You’ll be putting an end to the common “lack of vocabulary when speaking” problem.
  • You’ll quickly be pulling out exactly the right Spanish ‘off the cuff’ in your conversations.
  • As you get familiar with real-world Spanish you are going to double your listening comprehension, quickly pulling your listening up to the level of your reading, no matter how fast native speakers are going.
  • With interesting, inspiring Spanish to work with, you are going to find it easier and more enjoyable to remember a larger vocabulary (and access it fast!)
  • You no longer have trouble understanding idioms, ‘street expressions’ and slang, as we pick out the best for you.
  • You’re going to get short explanations that you can actually understand of key grammar points and tricky subjunctives.
  • You learn Spanish that is relevant to your real life/work, not the ancient, out of date language found in old school textbooks. This massive resource of interesting material is relevant to you personally, today.
  • The Spanish part of your brain is going to develop rapidly, and start working quickly enough for you to have a very decent conversation in Spanish.
  • You’ll start thinking in Spanish, instead of always translating in your head.
  • You’re going to stop feeling embarrassed about your progress, and start feeling very confident about speaking as your brain increasingly recognizes common vocab and Spanish language patterns.
  • You’ll have no trouble maintaining the inspiration to continue studying and ENJOYING Spanish as you step up to Advanced.

Most importantly: When you need the right vocab, you will see that you’ve already learned it!

I’d recommend them to anyone

I listen to the podcasts and use the worksheets all the time. I'd recommend them to anyone studying Spanish.”

Larry Hott, Haydenville, Massachusetts, USA

The worksheets are a great aid in improving both vocab and grammar comprehension. Keep up the great work!!!”

Gary Raynor, Sydney, Australia

The worksheets help to improve listening skills and introduce a lot of colloquial phrases. I would recommend this to Intermediate /Advanced students who wish to improve their listening skills.”

Iain Sidford, Redditch, UK

No need for booze!

Here’s the key: These worksheets build on your Spanish with the exact new language you need right now.

You’re going to develop the confidence to start speaking in situations where before you would have felt shy and kept quiet, you’re going to understand conversations that previously would have given you a headache, and you’re going to be able to quickly pull out the vocab you need, just when you need it, without having to suffer to learn it (and without needing a glass of Rioja to help find it!)

FAQ 1: “But aren’t worksheets hard work?”

No way! Ancient textbooks and badly taught Spanish classes are hard work (and boring!) We’ve been through our fair share of those, and wouldn’t inflict that pain on anyone!

These materials are different as they let you take charge of your learning, cover extremely interesting subjects that you need and want to be able to talk about, and are designed to make the whole learning process fast, smooth, and efficient by only giving you inspiring, useful, real-world, up-to-date Spanish.

I guarantee that your Spanish will improve!

Being able to read a transcription of a REAL Spanish conversation is something that I have never found anywhere else. When you get bored with the exercise books – give this a try. I guarantee that your Spanish will improve!”

Patrick, Leicester, England

FAQ 2: “I don’t think I have time for this, can’t I just use the audio?”

The whole point of the worksheets it that they are going to save you time because:

1) The transcripts mean you get to squeeze every drop of Spanish learning goodness out of our audio without having to listen to each episode two, three or four times.

2) We’ve already found, listed and explained all the key bits you most need to learn, providing an instant short-cut to understanding higher level language without you having to waste time endlessly trying to decode and look up tricky-sounding phrases.

3) You learn useful, interesting Spanish faster, without the guess-work involved in trying to work out what to learn next.

It helped immensely

I wasn’t convinced that I would learn anything more from the written transcripts that I wasn’t getting from the free podcasts, but it helped immensely to actually see what was being said. My wife’s family is from Bilbao and I usually start studying a couple of months before we go. It helps me to understand what they’re talking about and occasionally I can drop a bit of real spanish on them and surprise them!”

James Burrus, Washington D.C.

FAQ 3: “I’m not sure I’m ready for advanced…”

How long do you want to be stuck at the intermediate level? Most learners get to intermediate and stay here forever, it’s the famous ‘perpetual intermediate’ syndrome that you are going to avoid as a dedicated, motivated Spanish learner with these materials in your hands.

You know you can get to an Advanced level with your Spanish, of course you can, and these worksheets are designed lovingly, carefully, and specifically to make sure you will be Advanced, and very soon.

FAQ 4: “How long will it take to get this pack?”

Just minutes. The worksheets in this pack are delivered digitally in the universal PDF format. You are going to be on the way to a much more Advanced level with your Spanish in just a few minutes from now, as soon as you have completed the purchase process, and instant download instructions arrive in your Inbox.

Get This Very Valuable Bonus Gift If You Order Now!

You are also immediately going to receive this valuable bonus gift:

“How to Sound Really Spanish”, with its own exclusive 20 minute audio file and accompanying pdf.

In the report we outline 10 Spanish words and phrases that will let you fit in with the locals in seconds, including:

  • Our top 3, must-have, ultra-Spanish adjectives
  • Ways to address your friends as if you grew up speaking Spanish
  • Phrases to begin and end every conversation that will have Spanish speakers swearing that you are 100% fluent!

The secrets you are going to learn in this special Bonus Gift audio will make you sound so authenticly fluent, that it’s practically worth the price of the Super Pack alone!

The Investment For The Intermediate Super Pack:

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That’s a huge saving on the normal price of 92 Euros, but for now we are offering this pack for just €47 Euros because we want to help as many Spanish learners as we can to jump up to an Advanced level sooner.

Notes in Spanish Guarantee

Our Simple, No Hoops To Jump Through, No Risk, 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If during 60 Days from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using these materials with our audio has really helped to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. We are so convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 60 Day total money back guarantee.

Invest Now Risk-Free And Get Instant Access

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Dedicated to getting you to an advanced level of Spanish faster,

Ben and Marina

P.S. We really mean it about giving you your money back if these materials don’t help, so you are taking absolutely no risk with this investment!

P.P.S. A lot of Spanish learners worry about getting stuck at the Intermediate level forever. We know that isn’t going to happen to you!

I am completely satisfied with this product

It is much more fun and very helpful to read the worksheets while listening to the conversation. After listening in and using the first 15 worksheets, my capacity of understanding the words and phrases has increased a lot. I am completely satisfied with this product and it is one of the day’s highlights to take an hour of my time and enjoy another Podcast and the related exercises.”

Andreas Vogt, Düsseldorf – Germany