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  • Learn All the Real Spanish We Know & Get Fluent Faster!
  • Includes all the products sold in our store*, with full transcripts & essential notes for all 200+ Inspired Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and 2, Gold & ‘Conversations’ episodes. Plus, The Real Spanish Phrase Book & Audio Guide, & Real Spanish Control. (*N.B. Advanced Season 3 not included).
  • BONUSES! Exclusive extra audio bonuses, Instant digital access & Full 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee!
  • “This is the single best investment I’ve made in my self-education approach to learning Spanish.” – James R.

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Over 200 worksheets packed with the real, genuine Spanish we love to teach at Notes in Spanish!

  • Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginners 1 to 30
  • Notes in Spanish Intermediate 1 to 46
  • Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 1, 35 to 96 (we started at 35!)
  • Notes in Spanish Advanced Season 2, 1 to 20
  • Notes in Spanish Gold Season 1, 1 to 28
  • Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2, 1 to 24
  • Notes in Spanish Conversations transcripts 1 to 13
    (N.B. Advanced Season 3 not included).

Plus! You get the “Real Spanish Phrase Book and Audio Guide”

  • 90 minutes of exclusive audio
  • Your ultimate guide to speaking real Spanish phrases, idioms, and coloquial expressions
  • You’ll be fitting in with the locals in seconds!

AND You Get “Real Spanish Control”…

  • 6 key modules designed to help you dramatically increase your Spanish listening skills, confidence, and vocabulary, all at the same time
  • Techniques for inspired beginner and intermediate learners to understand Spanish-speakers no matter what speed they are speaking

If you are an Inspired Beginner, or Intermediate Student:

  • This carefully designed system will take you to the highest level
  • Build every aspect of your Spanish knowledge and fluency
  • Get a huge language and vocabulary resource

If you are an Advanced student:

  • Learn so much more from our Advanced 1 and 2, Conversations and Gold audios
  • Dive into the extensive archive of real Spanish words, phrases, and grammar reviews included in the other levels

Learn more real Spanish and get fluent faster with this wealth of Spanish learning materials!

Special Bonuses Included In This Pack (Worth 99 Euros)!

  • Bonus 1: How to Sound Really Spanish Mp3 – words and phrases that will let you fit in with the locals in seconds.
  • Bonus 2: Tips and Tricks Podcast Mp3 – Top Secret (and highly effective) ways of learning a lot more Spanish, a lot faster!
  • Bonus 3: Inspired Beginners Audio Flash Cards – Explode your vocabulary and pronunciation with these exclusive audio flashcards.
  • Bonus 4: The infamous ‘One Hour Private Lesson With Ben and Marina’ Audio – may be worth the price of the Whole Enchilada Pack alone!
  • Plus! The Gold Bonuses: 13 Spanish-Packed Q and A audios full of Spanish learning tips, super-useful vocab, and more

5 Great Reasons To Get This Pack!

  • You learn just about everything we’ve got to teach you!
  • You get a vast, real Spanish language and vocab. resource
  • You get really fluent in REAL Spanish, much faster!
  • Instant Digital Delivery
  • Our Simple, No Risk, 100% 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee!

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58 reviews for The Whole Enchilada Special Offer!

  1. S Pang (verified owner)

    Audio Podcasts and worksheets from Ben and Marina are super great learning tools and the packages is value for money. I could learn sth really “life” and fun. Especially the Real Spanish part which allows me to know more about the locals.
    I would recommend those who want to improve listening and oral skills to buy this pack.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    The best Spanish learning package out there. I’ve really struggled to engage myself previously in textbooks and classes. This really provides the best tools to help you embrace the real Spanish conversations and so many invaluable phrases to help you sound like a true native. Thank you so much Ben & Marina!

  3. Sahlan Diver

    There’s not one Spanish course that is perfect for everybody. If, like the majority of people, myself included, you’re not a natural linguist, you need help from many directions. So, what is the most special and valuable feature that Marina and Ben are offering? It has to be that you are hearing Spanish spoken naturally, real conversations on a massive variety of real topics. I have been visiting Mallorca the last few years and trying hard to converse in Spanish, but it was Marina and Ben’s audios that helped me most to tune in to what the locals were saying. The audios give you so much practice at listening to real Spanish in full flow, as against the staged, somewhat stilted and artificial conversations of other courses. Funnily enough, the mix of non-native and native speaker is an asset, the slightly slower-speaking Ben easing you into Marina’s full-speed flow. You can get a lot by just listening to the audio, but if you are serious about learning Spanish, you really do need the excellent supplementary worksheets, which particularly help in following the more difficult bits of the audio.

  4. shane sparks (verified owner)

    If you are like me, you tend to jump into acquiring new skills by overwhelming yourself with material. Learning Spanish has been no different. Recently, I became somewhat serious about this and my first reaction was to go out and buy a few different courses and loads of supplemental material. All of this had/has seemed to not have moved me forward in anyway. In fact, it was only becoming something of a frustration. Thank the heavens that I ran into Ben and Marina and their excellent podcast. I have acquired more Spanish skills in the brief time listening than all the other wasted time combined. And the best part? I put lots less stress on myself trying to “comprehend” absolutely everything, mainly due to the fact we’re just listening to a couple of average people (a good thing) speaking as normal/average people do. No scripts and no nets. Worksheets are a must (at least for me). Get to know these delightful people.

  5. Greg Holmes

    Im still relatively new to the podcasts and the worksheets but halfway through ‘Inspired Beginners’ and loving it already, I have been taking classes on a Tuesday night since January and regularly use an app but this complements those both very well and adds a new layer with ‘Real’ Spanish dialogue which sometimes classes/textbooks/apps lack. My girlfriend is Spanish and we are moving to Madrid in December so its great to hear a story with Ben & Marina that is relatable and at the same time interesting, educational and ultimately fun! Muchas Gracias Ben Y Marina!

  6. Stu White (verified owner)

    Really like the materials. Ben and Marina deliver it very well. For us the beginner level is in some ways starting a bit too low as we have done previous study but given there is lots of conversation it is still valuable.

  7. Jean Pattenden

    I have worked my way through the beginner, intermediate and season 1 advanced worksheets and am now on the advanced season 2 worksheets. I feel that am making great headway with my Spanish and love the difference subjects that are covered. It gives me a great insight into the Spanish people and way of life whilst learning Spanish. It’s so useful for picking up those Spanish words and expressions that make you sound Spanish and provided lots of subject matter for my intercambios.
    Also a great thanks to Ben. On one particular day when I was trying to speak Spanish and nothing was going right I listened to one of the audios where he said, “Un mal día hablo fatal” – on a bad day I speak terribly. That made me feel so much better.

  8. Julie Dickinson

    I am only 6 months into learning Spanish using an app and a few Spanish lessons. These podcasts are brilliant! I am learning to hear real Spanish in a relevant context at a level I can manage. The transcripts and translations enable me to unpick the Spanish and ask questions to enable further learning and understanding. I am so pleased I bought the whole enchilada as I know I will learn to speak and communicate much more effectively and quickly…
    A friend recommended and I am recommending the podcasts to my friends. Thank you Marina and Ben!

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