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Real Conversations, Real Progress: Discover the “Gold” Path to Real Spanish Mastery!

The Gold Super Pack gives you every worksheet for every show so far for Notes in Spanish Gold Seasons 1 and 2, Perfect for Advanced and Upper Intermediate learners who want to go deep and get fluent in the Real Spanish used in the real world today.

Who are we and what’s in this pack?

Ben and Marina are world leaders in Real-Spanish teaching. We started the first ever Spanish-teaching podcast in 2005 and have taught ten’s of thousands of students since!

We created the worksheets in this pack so you can hugely increase the amount of Spanish you learn from our Gold podcasts, and fast-track your path to total fluency on a huge variety of topics.

What you get… Each worksheet in this pack includes:

A full transcript of each Gold podcast real Spanish conversation: see how the language works in real life, quickly understanding authentic Spanish and exactly what was said in every audio.

The key vocab and grammar list: we show you exactly what you need right now to speak better, understand more, and quickly jump up to the next level.

Key exercises: Short, enjoyable exercises, designed to rapidly place this invaluable Spanish into your long term memory permanently.

The worksheets are carefully designed to help you get even more out of our audio, and progress faster with your Spanish, up to the highest possible level.

All this for the following shows: All episodes of Gold Season 1 (1 to 28) and Gold Season 2 (1 to 24).

What will all this do for your Spanish?

– Learning Spanish becomes even more interesting as we inspire your learning with this topical, up-to-date, material.

– You’ll stay on top of Spanish that’s being used right now in the real Spanish-speaking world.

– You’ll learn faster (because it’s much more interesting!)

…It’s like having us by your side saying, “This is the really important Spanish you need to be aware of right now to get 100% fluent and understand everyone much sooner!”

What other Spanish learners like you say about the worksheets in this Gold pack…

“Really feel I’m making progress…”

The transcriptions add to what you learn by clearing up those parts that you can’t quite make out from just listening. I really feel that I’m making progress. Many thanks Marina and Ben.

Kevin K. – Certified Customer

“I am loving it!”

I am so impressed with the quality of both seasons of Gold from Notes in Spanish… I am loving it!!! The worksheets make it so much easier to catch every word of the conversation. I hope that Ben and Marina will continue to produce such high quality material for Spanish learners! 

Martina – Certified Customer

“An indispensable aid…”

¡Estupendo! The worksheets are an indispensable aid to fully grasping the amazing content of each course, all expressed in the most modern, street-wise language spoken day in and day out by real madrileños. After listening to and watching Marina and Ben remotely for over a decade, I still marvel at the added value that the worksheets bring to each and every episode.

Bruce – Certified Customer

“They’ve made a huge difference in my Spanish!”

I have used all the learning materials from Notes in Spanish and they’re the best ever at helping me learn to speak and understand Spanish. My absolute favourite is the Gold series because of the analysis that follows each conversation. It’s a wonderful way to review what you’ve just heard and clear up any questions you had as you were listening. I totally recommend all the Notes in Spanish audios and accompanying worksheets. They’ve made a huge difference in my Spanish! Thank you, Ben and Marina!!

Jeri P. – Certified Customer

“Lifted my Spanish vocabulary to a totally different level”

The two Gold seasons show Marina and Ben at their best, and they lifted my Spanish vocabulary to a totally different level. 

Gunnar – Certified Customer

“I recommend them enthusiastically…”

The two Gold series – both season 1 and season 2 – are my favorites in NIS and I recommend them enthusiastically.

Tamar – Certified Customer

Massive Audio Bonus! The Gold Q and A Sessions! (Value: $100)

This pack contains 13 invaluable Gold Q and A bonus audios, filled with our best tips and advice on smart-learning techniques, plus more real-life vocab and the best colloquial Spanish.

Plus, New Bonus! The Gold App!
Put This Course in your Pocket! (Value: $200)

Inspired Beginners App

As well as following the course on desktop, you can put the whole Course, including all the Gold audios and worksheets, on your phone or tablet with the Notes in Spanish App. At last, an app that teaches you Real Spanish!! So you always have Real Spanish with you on the go!

5 Great Reasons To Get This Pack

1. These worksheets have helped other active Spanish learners like you get MUCH more from our podcasts, so they progress much faster to Advanced Spanish confidence and fluency

2. The full transcript of our Spanish conversation means you miss nothing

3. As you get familiar with this real-world Spanish, you are going to double your listening comprehension, quickly pulling your listening up to the level where you start to understand everything, no matter how fast native speakers are going

4. You learn Real Spanish that is relevant to your real Spanish life, not the clunky ‘App Spanish’ most learners are struggling with in the real-world today

5. The Spanish part of your brain is going to develop rapidly, and start working quickly enough for you to have a very decent conversation in Spanish

PLUS! You get the amazing Notes in Spanish App so all these audios and worksheets are always with you on-the-go!


Instant Access – Right Now!

The worksheets in this pack are delivered in our new state-of-the-art learning platform and app. You’ll be able to start using these materials and learning more Spanish right now, on any device, as soon as you complete the purchase process, with instant access instructions in your exclusive members area and sent to your Inbox. Just hit the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

No Risk: Our 100% 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If during 14 Days from the date of your purchase, you don’t think that using these materials with our audio has really helped to improve your Spanish, just let us know and we will give you a complete refund. We are so convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 14 Day total money back guarantee.

It’s a risk-free, no-questions-asked guarantee and there’re no fine print involved.


YES Ben and Marina! Please send me all the worksheets and bonuses in the “Inspired Beginners Super Pack”, PLUS ‘Real Spanish Control’ as soon as possible!

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The Gold Super Pack

– All the worksheets in the “Gold Super Pack”
– Gold app
– Gold Q and A Bonus Audios

US$ 97.00

Option 2:
Best Offer: Upgrade to “The Whole Enchilada” (Most Popular!)

ALL the Notes in Spanish Worksheets so you have our entire Real Spanish Universe to explore:
Inspired Beginners Super Pack (revise key language concepts)
– Intermediate Super Pack (full of more authentic Spanish and idioms)
Advanced Super Pack (perfect addition for your level)
Gold Super Pack (this level)
– Notes in Spanish “Conversations’ Worksheets
– Total Over 200 worksheets! (Value: $500+)
– Plus Our “Real Spanish Control” Level-Jumping System (Value: $100)
– Extra Audio Bonuses: “Real Spanish Phrasebook” Course, “How to Sound Really Spanish”, Gold Q and A Bonus Audios (Value: $200)
The Whole Enchilada App – All the Podcasts, Worksheets and Bonuses in one place! (Value: $200)

Normal Price: US$ 992.00

Now: US$ 247.00

More Fantastic Listener Feedback on this pack…


Excellent value & seriously helping with my Spanish studies. I’ve successfully completed 2 years at Warwick University Language School (Beginners & Post-beginners). I wish I’d had this programme from the outset. The worksheets & flashcards are essential.

Paul C. – Certified Customer

“Add so much more…”

The podcasts are addictive – Ben and Marina teach real Spanish in such an inspiring way – The worksheets add so much more learning and are a fantastic resource to have.

Karen N. – Certified Customer

“It really does help massively.…”

The format – audio, transcriptions, extras – is ideal and it really does help massively to use the transcriptions alongside the audio. I’ve since purchased the Intermediate, Advanced and Gold packages and they’re all just as good. There is so much great material to get through… Highly recommended!

Mark K. – Certified Customer

The worksheets are a must…”

Excellent! Really enjoying it and it makes me want to improve. I practice every day. The worksheets are a must and the audio flash cards are brilliant.

Eileen B. – Certified Customer

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