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“Cayo Una…” The Hail Storm Spanish Video

Here’s the context: In the video Marina discusses the huge hail storm we had a while back, the effect it had on our terrace, how loads of local cars’ bodywork got trashed (and birds were killed in the park!), and whether our efforts to destroy the environment might be to blame…

Useful vocab from the video:

El Granizo – Hail
El Barreño – Bucket
Las Abolladuras – Dents
El Capó – Bonnet/Hood
La Chapa – The Bodywork

Real Spanish from today’s video:

‘Ayer, cayó una tormenta de granizo de impresión’ – There was an unbelievable hail storm yesterday.

Note, you could also just say: ‘Ayer, cayó una tormenta de impresión’ for a regular storm, without the hail.

If you really want to sound like a genuine Spanish-speaking local, you would say:

‘¡Ayer cayó una qué no veas!’ – There was a hell of a big one last night!

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