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¿Que son las “chapuzas”?

Here’s the thing to do: Watch the video first, about our trip to the plumbing shop, and the Vespa (nicknamed ‘Furia’ by our friend Valenciason), then read the notes below.

Seen the video? OK, here’s the good Spanish you need to remember:

Las Chapuzas – Meaning 1: jobs that have been done badly or not finished well.

Las Chapuzas – Meaning 2: DIY, handyman type jobs you do around the house.

Terrible machista proverb from the video that we do NOT endorse:

Mujer al volante, ¡peligro constante! – which literally means, “Woman at the steering wheel = constant danger” (NOT true in our case, Marina is a much better driver than Ben!)

Quick question:

How’s it going with our audio/podcasts?

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