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Great Spanish Phrases with ‘Dar’

In today’s video we look at wonderful phrases with the really versatile verb ‘dar’. Use them to sound amazingly good at Spanish!

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Vocab from the video:

¿Qué mas da? – Who cares?
¿Qué mas da? Ya te estaba pequeño – Who cares? It was already too small for you (a jersey)
Se me da muy bien el castellano – I’m very good at Spanish
Se me da muy bien coser – I’m very good at sewing
Se me da muy bien arreglar bicis – I’m very good at fixing bikes
Se me dan bien los idiomas – I’m very good at languages
¿Quién da la vez? – Whose turn is it?
Yo soy el último/la última – I’m the last in the queue
¡Qué más da! – Who cares!
Me da grima/asco – That’s horrible/disgusting, I find that disgusting
Me da vergüenza/corte – I’m embarrassed
No me da la gana – I don’t feel like it
Tengo ganas de ir al cine – I feel like going to the cinema
No tengo ganas – I don’t feel like it
Me da igual/lo mismo – I don’t mind
No me da ni frío ni calor – It doesn’t bother me at all
Me da que… – I’ve got the feeling that
Me da que María tiene novio – I’ve got the feeling that Maria has a boyfriend

9 thoughts on “Great Spanish Phrases with ‘Dar’”

  1. Dar a la comba: mover rítmicamente una cuerda para que otra salte por encima de ella.
    Un juego de la infancia, verdad?

  2. Well that didn’t work! In a cafe near mercado de San Miguel in Madrid today i tried the phrase ‘. Nos cobras cuando puedas’ when I wanted the bill. Ben and Marina say it makes me sound like a local, rather than the usual ‘la cuenta por favour’. The waiter brought two more glasses of wine! I think he thought I said ‘dos copas’. Must be my bristol accent! Anyway, another glass of wine on a sunny Friday lunchtime in Madid isn’t too bad.

    • Oh dear! Well, I think this was more a case of waiter deafness! He probably saw you and thought, “an English guy, I wasn’t paying attention, but I bet he wanted two more wines!” Has happened to me many a time! Do try the phrase again, it’ll work!

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