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The Mighty “Echar” – What a Verb!

Voy a echar una cabezada

Hola amigas y amigos!

As we get even closer to Real Spanish Coaching Week (last days to sign up!) we want to make sure you’ve got another gem amongst our Notes in Spanish materials, all part of ensuring your “Best Spanish Learning Year Ever!”

Today, we’re sharing our amazing “Mighty Echar” report.

Just how many things can one verb mean? Well, in the case of ‘Echar’, quite a lot! It’s most simple translation would be ‘to throw’, as in ‘Echar a la basura’, to throw something in the bin, or ‘Echar sal’, to add salt to the pot.

But combining ‘Echar’ with other words and phrases turns it into a verb of many talents – add just a few of these top ‘echar’ phrases to your Spanish conversation, and you’re going to start sounding amazingly like a real Spanish speaker!

Download the full report here now:

Download: Notes in Spanish Mighty Echar PDF

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Sign up here now if you haven’t joined yet! We’re going to learn so much great Spanish together!

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Ben y Marina

6 thoughts on “The Mighty “Echar” – What a Verb!”

  1. I do read your site but I am interested in taking conversation lessons and a bit of grammar but not online.
    If I come to Madrid do you give lessons there?
    Best Regards

    • Hi Toby, I’m afraid we don’t offer that service, but if you want in-person classes in Madrid (groups) try International House Madrid, where Ben worked many years ago. They still seem to be a top choice 🙂

  2. Qué tal: Echeme cinco – “High Five”, literally throw me five. Esta expresión está un poco desactualizada, pero es divertido decirlo. Lo uso solo con amigos como una pequeña broma

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