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Spanish Fluency Secrets: Speaking On The Go

Today, we look at our favourite tactic to improve your Spanish fluency when you find yourself ‘on the spot’ in real speaking situations.

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Vocab and phrases from today’s video

Un sol deslumbrante – A dazzling sun

Llevo tres meses viviendo en España – I’ve been living in Spain for three months

Quiero alcanzar la fluidez – I want to reach fluency

Me cuesta mucho hablar sobre la marcha – It’s hard for me to speak on the go, on the spot

Me cuesta mucho levantarme por la mañana temprano – It’s hard for me to get up early in the morning

A Ben le cuesta mucho no levantarse temprano en un sábado – For Ben it’s hard not to get up early on a Saturday

¿Cuál es el plan para hoy? – What is the plan for today?

Lo vemos sobre la marcha – We’ll make it up as we go along

No tener miedo a cometer errores – Not being afraid to make mistakes

Si los superamos, son unas oportunidades de aprendizaje extraordinarias – If we get over them, they are amazing learning opportunities

La actitud es “bienvenidos errores’ – The attitude is “Welcome mistakes”

La guinda del pastel – The icing on the cake

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7 thoughts on “Spanish Fluency Secrets: Speaking On The Go”

  1. Estoy de acuerdo…
    No tener miedo a cometer errores
    While I still worry about making mistakes, I find that a glass or two of wine helps me to stop worrying. My friends often say I speak better and say a lot more after a glass of wine.
    Entonces… ¡No te preocupes! Toma una copa de vino ?.

  2. Que vídeo tan fantástico, lleno de buenos consejos y ánimo. ¡Ustedes dos son increíbles! Mis mejores deseos desde la Escocia rural bajo cero.

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