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A.I. Spanish? Croqueta-eating robots? No gracias!

Hola amigas y amigos,

¿Dónde va a acabar esto? – Where will it all end?

For fun, our son asked Chat GBT to make a picture of a robot eating croquetas in Spain (see image above), and when we were done laughing (nos hemos reído mucho – we laughed a lot), a distant memory swam to the surface:

That was me, Ben, on my first day in Spain in 1998!

Totalmente perdido – Totally lost…

No clue how to order anything except ‘un sandwich mixto’ or some croquetas de jamón, and a robotic look of stunned silence on my face.

Menos mal que no tenía I.A. o los apps para ayudarme – Thank goodness I didn’t have A.I. or today’s “big-name apps” to turn to for help.


Because instead I had no choice but to listen to real conversations all around me in bars, on buses, in restaurants, and to pick up bits and pieces of Spanish and stitch them together…

Then go and make loads of mistakes using everything I’d heard on any Spanish person I could!

Cab drivers, barmen, intercambios, and eventually, Marina.

¡Qué suerte la suya! – Lucky her!

But it was the best learning method on the planet. Real Spanish, from real people: Listen, synthesise, try it out.

Sooner or later I was pretty fluent in the kind of Spanish people were really using every day!

No robots, A.I. or apps in sight!

So that’s why we focus so much on real Spanish conversations, to teach all of you real Spanish you can use on real people in the real world.

Because it’s much more fun, gets you properly fluent in Spanish that actually exists in everyday life, and gets the amazing reactions our students always tell us about:

“¡Guau!, tu español está fenomenal, ¿dónde lo aprendiste?” – Wow, your Spanish is amazing, where did you learn it? (You don’t get that if you’re only learning from a robotic app!)

If you haven’t got one of our totally non-robotic, non-A.I., and genuinely human “Real Spanish” learning packs yet, or want to jump up a level. the Black Friday sale on now in our store ends soon!

Real Spanish fluency awaits! (Not the robotic kind!)

Un abrazo,

Ben y Marina

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  1. Gran artículo. ¡Las viejas maneras son las mejores! Enhorabuena a tu hijo. No tengo ni idea de lo que es Chat GBT.

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