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¡No me des la chapa! Cool Spanish phrases from the street!

In today’s new video one innocent and little-known word from the car workshop leads us to some of the most lovely straight-from-the-streets Spanish phrases we know, plus we end with a funny story of how Ben came unstuck on the phone, and why it really shouldn’t have happened!

Our real Spanish mission!

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Vocabulary from today’s video:

Abollado – Dented

Perito – Insurance adjuster

Perrito – Little dog

Perrito caliente – Hot dog

Chapa – Bodywork/metalwork / bottle tops

Jugar a las chapas – To play bottle tops

¿Has pasado por chapa y pintura antes de la grabación? – Have you done your makeup before the recording?

Está todavía en chapa y pintura – She’s still doing her makeup

Para ya con ese tema, no me des más la chapa – Stop going on about that subject, leave me in peace

No me des la chapa – Stop going on and on about that/leave me in peace

No seas pesado – Don’t be a pain/a bore

A ese tipo no le quiero ver ni en pintura – I don’t want to see that guy ever again

Taller – Workshop

Taller de madera – Woodwork workshop

Taller de alfarería – Pottery workshop

Taller de mindfulness – Mindfulness course

Thanks so much for learning real Spanish with us!