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¡Qué Calor! Verano en Madrid

In Madrid’s Casa de Campo park we look at how Spanish people deal with Madrid summers, the sacred siesta, being ‘de Rodriguez’, and why we never left Madrid for somewhere more rural. Plus, Spain’s favourite summer drink!

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Useful Vocab from the video:

Es muy caloroso – It’s very hot

Es muy seco – It’s very dry

Huele bien, huele a pino – It smells lovely, it smells of pine

Hierba seca – Dried grasses

Tienen sus trucos – They have their tricks

Durmiendo la siesta – Sleeping the siesta

En verano es sagrada – It’s sacred in summertime

Mucha gente hace una buena parada a mediodía – Lots of people have a good rest at midday

Estirar la noche, que es cuando mejor se está – Make the night last, which is when it’s most pleasant

Te tomas un tinto de verano – You have a ‘tinto de verano’ (red wine and lemonade)

No queda otro remedio – There is no other choice

Los niños se acuestan tarde en España – Kids go to bed very late in Spain

Estar de Rodriguez – when one of the parents stays in the city to work while the other takes the kids to the beach or the countryside

Vamos a las terrazas esta noche a tomar una cerveza – Let’s go to the bar terraces tonight for a beer

Te echas un ratito – You lie down for a bit

Huyen de Madrid en verano – They flee Madrid in summer

Había un poco de tira y afloja entre Ben y yo – There was a bit of hard bargaining between Ben and me

Ben tenía mucha ilusión – Ben was very excited/keen

Tenemos nuestra red social – We have our social network (friends, school etc)

No me cuadró soltar eso – It didn’t seem right to me to let go of that

Al final nos hemos quedado aquí – In the end we’ve stayed here