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Really easy Spanish learning :)


Queridos amigas y amigos,

A Spanish friend said to us last night:

“Soy muy inquieto. Siempre me gusta tener un nuevo proyecto entre manos.” – I’m a restless person, I always like to have a new project on the go.

…So do we! Our project is Teaching you real Spanish:

Here’s another example with the word “inquieto” and another useful bit of Spanish:

“Es muy inquieto, le cuesta mucho quedarse sentado” – He’s really fidgety, he finds it really hard to stay sitting down.

“Le cuesta mucho + verbo” (he/she finds it hard to + verb) is a great construction, you can also use the opposite, “No le cuesta nada + verb” (he/she finds it really easy to + verb)

E.g. “No le cuesta nada aprender un idioma” – She finds it really easy to learn a language.

Now for Easy Spanish-learning:

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Good luck and let us know if you need any help with anything,

Un abrazo,

Ben y Marina