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¡Que buen rollo! NIS Charity News – Newsletter for November 26th

We don’t publish all our Real-Spanish-packed newsletters here (so make sure you are signed up to receive them!), but this one has particularly good and important news for all our listeners/viewers, so we wanted to include it here on the blog…

Hello dear Spanish-lovers!

Today another very useful, real Spanish phrase (¡Que buen rollo!), a new audio, news of our sale (ends tomorrow, Tuesday!), and most important or all, the latest Notes in Spanish Charity contributions – with your help we’ve been able to send 4000 euros to very good causes – please take a minute to read about all of this below.

En primer lugar…  the phrase:

Siempre hay muy buen rollo en este restaurante – there is always a really good vibe in this restaurant.

Los audios de Notes in Spanish tienen muy buen rollo – Notes in Spanish audios have a good vibe (we think so!)

(The opposite of course, is ‘mal rollo’: ¡Que mal rollo hay aquí! – This place has a really bad vibe! – But we are much more into ‘buenos rollos’ – good vibes – at NIS!)

This phrase, ‘buen rollo’ is included in the ‘Real Essential Spanish’ list from this week’s Notes in Spanish Conversations transcript (available in the NIS Conversations Members Area).

All The Good News!!

New Audio: We have a brand new Notes in Spanish Conversations audio out today, ‘Españoles longevos’, all about the recent discovery that Spain is going to overtake Japan in the longevity stakes! We look at the reasons why, and add our own interpretations: Listen here now!

Charity: Thanks to all the support we receive via purchases in our store, and your donations, this week we have sent a total of 4000 euros (2000 euros each) to two charities that are very important to us.

The first is Aldeas Infantiles SOS – it’s mission is to protect vulnerable children. We have donated to their Madrid centre, which includes a large fostering centre in El Escorial (see their video 1, 2, 3… Casa to really understand what they do). The Madrid centre also provides vital emergency support throughout the Madrid region for families in grave risk of breaking apart.

The second charity, which we have supported in the past, is ACNUR, the Spanish division of UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency. We have donated to their Christmas Campaign to help women and children displaced by, and in danger from, the Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria.

Thank you for your help in allowing Notes in Spanish to fulfill this charitable role, as well as teaching people the real Spanish that we love so much.

Un abrazo desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina