Our Big Vice and Special Spanish Analysis Video!

Context: Ben and Marina confess to their biggest vice/addiction, and how it’s shrinking their house (but hopefully expanding their brains with lots of learning!)

New! Today’s video includes a special English analysis section at the end!

Vocab and phrases from the analysis section:

Tenemos un vicio – We have an addiction/vice
Tengo un vicio con el chocolate – I’m addicted to chocolate
La casa se nos está quedando pequeña – The house is getting small for us
Estos zapatos se le están quedando pequeños – These shoes are getting small for him
Tengo muchos de crianza – I’ve got lots [of books] about bringing up kids
Si tuviéramos una casa mas grande compraríamos más libros aún – If we had a bigger house we’d buy even more books
Seguiremos llevándolos al retiro según los vayamos leyendo – We’ll keep taking them to the Retiro as we finish reading them

Have You Got The Amazing Subjunctive Report Mentioned In The Video Yet?

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UPDATE!: Notes in Spanish Gold is available now in our store!

31 thoughts on “Our Big Vice and Special Spanish Analysis Video!

  1. Michael Ehrenberg

    Hi Marina and Ben,

    I particularly loved the latest videos with all of the new phrases and review of the subjunctive. Notes in Spanish continues to be an amazing source, and now back in the US after a few wonderful years in Madrid, I will be telling all of my friends about NOTES IN SPANISH to spread the word about this wonderful source.

    Abrazo a los dos!!


  2. Jessica

    As always, love your videos and the analysis parts are very helpful. I just wanted to say that you guys are great and I have learned so much from Notes In Spanish. I have bought the premium pack and NIS Gold and it has been totally worth it. Your attitudes are encouraging and inspiring! Thank you!

  3. Emilia

    I hope you’ll go on teaching Spanish the way you’re doing. I thouroughly enjoy it and always look forward to the next podcast/video. You’re so charming and interesting that I’ve got the impression you’re my friends. I often say to my husband: Marina & Ben said this or said that…
    Thank you so much and my best wishes to you both and Leo, of course.

  4. Bill

    Great stuff thanks. The new format is wonderful especially with the explanations written.

  5. Marina

    Muchísimas gracias a todos por darnos tantos ánimos. Como siempre estamos encantados de poder ayudaros con vuestro español.

    Un abrazo.

  6. Bob D.

    Fantástico! I love the new format. I really appreciated the analysis sections in the Inspired Beginners podcasts, and I was hoping NIS Gold would include some of that on a more advanced level. My wife (who is fluent in Spanish) is undoubtedly getting tired of being my private, on-call Spanish analyst. We both will look forward to the launch of NIS Gold on June 14th! Gracias Marina y Ben!

    Bob (from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA)

  7. Robert Ogan

    The analysis part of the videos/audios is so valuable. I am so glad that you incorporated it in the lessons.

  8. Vera

    Dear Marina and Ben,

    I would like to thank you for everything you do- your videos, your podcasts, PDF files etc.
    I have tried many different sites that teach Spanish but none, in my opinion, is as good as yours. I like the topics you choose for your videos and podcasts. Also, it is simply a pleasure to just see such a beautiful and harmonious couple like you guys.
    I wish you all the best and thanks a million for everything you do.

  9. Mick Roberts


    Please remove the ladder from the set!

    I once heard a TV director shout, MOL! Like “MOS” referring to and still used on film and video scene slates quoting a German film director “Mitt out Sound”. I like the setting in your patio but the step ladder does not belong … it adds nothing to the video except distraction.

  10. Sheena

    You guys are too cute!! I agree that the Spanish followed by English is a great idea, really helped to sort out the questions I had following the conversation. Keep up the good work!! Me voy a Madrid el proximo mes!

  11. Molly Martin

    I have enjoyed my Gold Audio Subscription so much. Extemely helpful and entertaining. The analysis section hits on all the tricky grammar and useful dichos. Hope to see more in the Spring.
    With regards to the video, I like the step ladder. 🙂 I like your choice of books! My husband and I share a small house too, and our bookshelf was overflowing. Thanks to my iPad, no more piles of books. And their an Art application so you can practice your drawing and I play my yoga videos on it. 😉 The only problem is that it’s hard not to get distracted with other things, like going online, when reading from your iPad… Este es mi vicio. – the Internet!

  12. Laura

    Wonderful! I just love hearing your conversations and watching your videos. They have helped me so much. Please don’t ever stop!

    I like the method of reviewing afterward. It helps to sink a few things in further.


  13. Ben Post author

    Thanks for all the wonderful new comments! You are all exceedingly nice! And inspire us massively to keep doing more!

    @Mick, I like the ladder – it’s just there – we don’t think much about set design, just bringing you real life in Spanish!

  14. peter sherwen

    I was wondering about :se le está quedando pequeños (los zapatos) should this not be están?

    very enjoyable i am only just discovering notes in spanish, i love it (except the vosotros words)

  15. victoria

    Estoy preparando mi primer viaje a España con mis hijos. Justamente buscaba una revisión del subjuntivo cuando tropecé con la vuestra. Genial. Y también me gusta la nueva forma de conversación y análisis en inglés después. Keep up the good work.
    Desde el Canadá los saludo.

  16. Carolina

    Yo tabien siempre comnpro demasiado libros. Tengo 18 libro que tengo que leer. A mi me gusta mucho estes videos.

  17. Carolina

    Yo tambien siempre estoy comprando demasiados libros. En este momento me quedan 18 que tengo que leer. A proposito, a me me gusta mucho ver sus videos.

  18. Marina

    We are very happy that you enjoy the new format so much!!!

    @Peter, You are right “los zapatos” are plural and therefore the verb should be in the third person of plural: “están”.

    @Sheena and Victoria, have a great time in Spain!!

    @Mick, I did want to remove the ladder but Ben liked it there!!!

    @Molly, I think having an ipad would be very useful at times, but terribly distracting at other ones. In any case I still like the feel of a book in my hands:-)

  19. Carolyn Marven

    En el reportaje sobre el subjuntivo, se dice ” No me acuerdo de lo que me dijeron.” Pero dijeron es el preterito, ¿no? Pienso que ” no me acuerdo de lo que me dijeran es el subjuntivo. Lo siento mucho para corregiros, Yo lo sé bien solamente porque sois los mejores profesores! Me encanta aprender la gramática con vosotros. ¡Viva Notes in Spanish!
    Con cariño,
    Carolyn. (Buckingham)

  20. Carolyn Marven

    ¡No! Comité un error, dijeran es el imperfecto de subjuntivo, pero con el primer verbo en el presente de indicativo, se use el presente de subjuntivo. Así “No me acuerdo de lo que me digan” es correcto, creo yo. ¡Lo siento muchisímo!

  21. Carolyn Marven

    ¡Maldito sea! De nuevo cometí errores. ¿Por qué no los veo hasta que apago el ordenador?
    Otra vez, lo siento muchísimo, (con el acento en el lugar correcto.) Todavía no estoy segura si es apago/apague???

  22. Courtney Williams

    Mil gracias a vosotos, Ben y Marina, por todo. Todavia voy aprendiendo cosas nuevas todos los dias, por NIS! Me encantan este nuevo video. Espero que os divertais mucho este verano. Supongo que vais a recorrir otras partes de Espana. Me voy a Mexico en un mes. Alli pienso practicar lo que he aprendido de vosotros. A quien le importa si uso expresiones castellanas? Sera una manera interesante de conocer a la gente, comparando idiomas…..

  23. Burgi

    Hola Ben y Marina – at the end of your language analysis, Marina responds to Ben with “hasta ahora” ??? it must mean something like see you soon? but what exactly – don’t recall having heard that before. gracias por todo

  24. Jessica

    Yo podria escucharles hablar espanol todo el dia! Para mi, Notes In Spanish ha sido la unica manera de practicar y aprender mas espanol. Gracias por los videos y por las conversaciones – me hace sentir como si yo estuviera alli con ustedes, tomando un cafe y hablando de la vida. Mucha suerte con el nuevo proyecto!!


  25. Ray Tonkin

    It is so good to finally attach faces to those voices that I have been listening to for so long.
    the format is good. I like the conversation and then the analysis

  26. Marina

    @Courtney: Tienes razón!!! El ejemplo debería decir:
    No me acuerdo que lo dijera – I don’t remember having said that

    La construcción que toma el subjuntivo es “No me acuerdo que” y en el ejemplo erróneo la construcción que usamos es “No me acuerdo de lo que”. En este caso el ejemplo que dábamos toma el pretérito perfecto simple:

    No me acuerdo de lo que dijeron – I don’t remember what they said

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