Spanish Conversation Starters, People Phrases, And News!

Junio 2, 2010

Spanish conversation
Find out how to talk to this lot in today’s downloads!

UNO: Super-Useful PDF’s!

¡Hola! We’ve been going through our personal archives this week, and have found a couple of great pdf’s that we realise we may not have given to everyone yet. Please download these now and add them to your collection if you haven’t got them yet!

Download 1: 11 Cool People Phrases in Spanish PDF
Real Street Spanish from Spain, to fit in with (or be rude about) the locals!

Download 2: Conversation Starters PDF
How NOT To Sound Like A Total Tourist In Spain!!

To download these special reports, click on the links above or right-click on the links, and select “save link/target as” to save the pdf’s to your desktop.

DOS: NIS Charities Update

Every year Notes in Spanish gives away up to 5% of profits from our Store to charity. We’ve recently updated our contributions, and want to thank YOU very much for helping us help these great causes. With your help, we’ve recently added donations for:

720 euros to Fapas to plant 120 more trees in Asturias (this is our second tree-planting donation, see a video about the first Fapas ‘NIS Forest’ here).
400 Euros to Maitreya Fonds, which supports charitable projects in Vietnam.
510 dollars to Care and Share, which sets up schools for orphans in India, amongst other projects.

We have contacts working with all of these charities, so we know they are trustworthy and doing great work!

TRES: Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on your email next week for new Notes in Spanish Videos, plus the best free gift we’ve ever given away… ever! All to celebrate the upcoming launch of a very, very special Notes in Spanish pack on June 14th. More news about that, and more great free Spanish learning content next week!

17 thoughts on “Spanish Conversation Starters, People Phrases, And News!

  1. Simon Burgess

    Gracias a te Ben. La lista para frases es muy cómico. Los usar’e a mis amigos.

  2. Tony

    10. ¡No puedo aguantar ni un día mas sin decirte que estoy loco/a por ti! –
    I can’t take another day without telling you that I’m crazy about you!
    Should be más (with accented a) in “un día más sin decirte…”

    Also, “Está como una regadera” probably refers to water being scattered in several directions from a watering can or sprinkler rather than coming out in a singly directed or focused stream, as from a hose. (I suppose it’s better to “estar como una manguera” though this is not an idiom in Spanish.)

  3. Leigh

    Me mola estas frases. Puedo pensar de unas cuantas personas a quienes se aplican.
    Muchisimas gracias!

  4. kate

    i have recently really got into your website and i find all levels of your spanish conversation is helpful – the beginners for the teaching you give and the others to challenge my listening skills. you make the topics so interesting that i forget i am learning spanish. thank you so much. very best wishes, kate

  5. Ian Huyton

    “Te voy a decir una cosa, es la ÚLTIMA vez que cojo el metro/autobus/
    coche en hora punta…”

    In Argentina, cojo is quite rude – better to use “tomo el metro” etc.

    Muchas gracias por todo la ayuda con el español

  6. Rebecca

    Love these! Very useful – as always, this website is providing some really helpful resources, thanks guys!

  7. Ben Post author

    Thanks for all the comments so far!

    As pointed out above, many of these phrases are Spain-based, though it’s always worth trying them elsewhere as, even if they differ in some Latin American countries, you will probably end up learning the local version and having a good laugh about the differences at the same time!

  8. jerome

    Qué cool ben y maria! voy a usar las mi proxima visita a Espana bonita! De nuevo enhorabuena!!!…..suerte

  9. Ramona

    Sólo hace unos días que descubrí este sitio web, ¡y me gusta mucho! Llevo estudiando español desde hace mucho tiempo, pero todavía hay muchas cosas resultándome difíciles. Seguro que voy a utilizar este sitio web a menudo y estoy muy curiosa por este material nuevo que vais a lanzar próximamente!

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