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  • The System Designed To Help You Dramatically Increase Your Spanish Listening Skills, Confidence, and Vocabulary!
  • 6 specifically designed audio+worksheet modules for Inspired Beginners and Early-Intermediate Students who want to jump up a listening and understanding level fast.
  • BONUSES! Our famous “One Hour Private Lesson” Audio Bonus, plus Instant digital access and Full 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Real Spanish control is a set of 6 special Spanish learning audios and worksheets designed to dramatically increase your listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Some of the things you’ll be learning as you work through the audio in the first five modules:

  • A crucial technique for improving your main language acquisition and comprehension skills
  • A task to prove it works on the Real Spanish Conversation in each module
  • Key vocabulary related to each of the main real-world themes
  • One of our favourite ‘secret’ tips for accelerating your Spanish learning process.

Each module also includes:

  • The Real Spanish Conversation – 10 minutes of genuine, unscripted Spanish conversation between Marina and I on the main module theme, audio that won’t be released anywhere else
  • More of our trademark, straight from the streets ‘Real Spanish’ phrases connected to each main theme

Real World Themes = Real World Understanding

We’ve chosen to work with 6 up-to-date topics that will prepare you for real-world conversation and listening situations, as well as the materials you’ll encounter later as you move up through the higher levels of the ‘Notes in Spanish’ system.

With over 2 hours of exclusive new audio, we cover the following themes:

Module 1 – Technology
Module 2 – Travel
Module 3 – Lifestyle
Module 4 – Environment
Module 5 – Culture
Module 6 – The Mystery Listening!

The Worksheets

The worksheets that accompany Real Spanish Control are the most complete we’ve ever put together. Each one contains the following:

  • A complete list of all the key vocabulary presented in the module’s audio so you have a record to keep going back to
  • A full transcript of the real Spanish conversation
  • A full translation of the conversation in English so you don’t miss a single word or phrase
  • Exercises designed to improve your comprehension and to help you store the key words from the module in your memory, ready to access later in an instant!
  • Vocab Building exercises to increase your Spanish knowledge bank.
  • Making the Jump! Suggestions for other related audio at higher levels for you to listen to. (We also include extra worksheets from the higher levels so that you get to try out the techniques we are teaching you immediately.)

The “One Hour Private Lesson” Audio Bonus

We sat down at our living room table and recorded answers to the most important questions raised when we asked you the following question: what would you most like to cover if you had a one hour private lesson with Ben and Marina.

In this extra hour of audio, we cover topics including:

  • Methods you can use right now for remembering lots of vocabulary
  • How to improve and advance your conversational skills
  • How to build confidence in speaking
  • How to sound more like a Spanish person and less like a tourist
  • How to keep a Spanish conversation going smoothly, seemingly without effort
  • How to start using a wider range of different tenses in conversation
  • How long you can afford to ignore the subjunctive!

Perfect for Inspired Beginners and Intermediate learners

We believe that Real Spanish Control will give you Spanish learning and understanding techniques that will ROCKET you to a higher level of Spanish.

Instant Digital Delivery

The worksheets in this pack are delivered digitally in the universal PDF format as soon as you finish paying for your order.

Our Simple, No Risk, 100% 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so convinced that our materials will help you significantly improve your Spanish, that we are delighted to offer this 100%, 14 Day total money-back guarantee.

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4 reviews for Real Spanish Control

  1. 5 out of 5

    Linda Fineman

    I’m deep into my Real Spanish Control studies and loving every minute of it. Even though you targeted it to Inspired Beginners and Intermediate students, I’m finding it very valuable. I usually listen to your Advanced podcasts, so I’m probably closest to the Advanced level. Even so, the Real Spanish Control package offers plenty of indispensable guidance and information. I think just about any fan of Notes in Spanish can benefit from it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I ordered Real Spanish Control last fall, and I must tell you how wonderful it is, and that I am totally addicted to it! I hope you will come out with other things like this. Frankly, where can you get a great course like this, with audio, for this price. You have unwittingly stumbled upon a unique and marvellous way of learning a language. I now feel that I am having much more fun with Spanish — which means, of course, that I am suddenly leaping to the next level!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Anjali Kelling (verified owner)

    As a busy mother of two young daughters, I have little time to spend on language lessons face-to-face or online so the Notes in Spanish series really work for me. I listen to them several times a day, from when I am doing chores around the house, going to the supermarket or bank or fetching the kids from school. It’s a really good use of my time as I found that I was desperately missing out on learning basic vocabulary to put to use when I am out and about running errands. This way, I am on the move rather than being bound to a chair and get my recommended 10K steps per day quite effortlessly.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Patricia Collins (verified owner)

    Having listened to some Inspired Beginners podcasts I thought this module would be about right for my level of Spanish and it is perfect. I like the speed of delivery , the subject matter, the transcriptions in both languages and listening to you both talking in such a friendly way. I’m sure it’s going to help a lot with my listening skills and vocabulary. Muchas gracias!

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