¡Fenomenal! Gracias!

Thanks so much for letting us know you are coming along to watch the Free Real Spanish Masterclass videos.

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While you wait for the Masterclass… 3 Great Phrases

Here are three awesome Real Spanish Phrases you can use right now:

1. Tengo para dar y regalar – I’ve got plenty to spare

For example, if someone asks you for a pencil and you have a whole boxful, you might say this as you happily give one away.

2. ¡Qué fuerte! – No way!

When you hear someone has been unfaithful, or has passed an exam without doing a stroke of work all year, or has received an amazing 50% salary rise. These amazing (in a good or bad sense) and somewhat unbelievable situations are always worth a quick ‘¡Qué fuerte!’

3. ¡Yo alucino! – I can’t believe it!

Literally, ‘I am hallucinating!’, the Spanish use this informal phrase whenever they are presented with an outrageous situation. Price of bread gone up 200%? ‘Yo Alucino…’ Your friend tells you they are going on holiday for the 10th time this year? ‘Yo Alucino…’ You will often also hear ‘Alucino’ used alone, or in conjunction with ‘con’, e.g. ‘Alucino contigo’, meaning ‘I can’t believe you’, or ‘Alucino con el precio de la fruta…’, meaning ‘I can’t believe the price of fruit.

And Finally… Up to date with our videos?

Below are three recent classics, or you can find the whole video archive here.

¡Hasta el lunes! See you on Monday!