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Really Nice Spanish! For a Change!

After last week’s video of more ‘picante’ (provocative) people phrases, we look at how to be incredibly nice about people in Spanish! And we have a Spanish challenge for you 🙂

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Words and phrases from today’s video:

Picantes – Provocative

Criticonas – Critical

Eres un rata – You are really mean, stingy

Es muy majo, majísimo – She/he is really nice, lovley

Es más maja esa chica- That girl is so lovely, nice, adorable

Es más maja que la mar salada – She/he’s absolutely lovely

Es un encanto / es encantadora – She/he’s a real sweety, so nice

Es un sol – He/she is really nice

Es la alegría de la huerta – He/she’s the happiest person around

Risueño/a – A smiley person, always happy

Es un amor – She/he is a so lovely

Soy la lecha – I’m the bees knees, the best

Soy un crack – I’m ace, fantastic, amazing

Siempre está dispuesta a echarse unas risas – She’s ways ready to have good laugh about things