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¿Qué comemos hoy? Spanish lunch vocabulary

¡Hola! This foodie video filmed in Cercedilla is a bit of an experiment, shot with the phone on the spur of the moment, if you like it leave a comment on YouTube and we’ll do more. This isn’t about Michelin 3* restaurants, it definitely isn’t Masterchef, it’s about sharing with you the simple food Spanish people eat every day. See the vocab list below, and if you need a further helping hand with the Spanish, remember that the little cog symbol at the bottom of the video lets you slow us down to 0.75 speed with can help a lot. Let us know what you think of the video and the “¿Qué comemos hoy?” idea in the YouTube comments¡Gracias!

Spanish food vocabulary from the video

Comida sencilla y casera – Simple homemade food

Un menú del día – Set lunch menu (3 courses, bread and a drink)

De primero – For the first course

Menestra de verduras – Vegetables boiled then fried, usually with garlic and ham

Primero se cuecen y luego se sofríen – First they are boiled and then then are fried

Con aceitíto y jamón – With a bit of oil and ham

Para que cojan sabor – So that they take up the flavour

De segundo – For the second course

Salmón a la plancha con ensalada – Grilled salmon with salad

Costillas de cerdo con patatas fritas – Pork ribs with fries

¡Para chuparse los dedos! – Delicious! Finger-licking good!

¡Salud! – Cheers

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