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¡Cada loco con su tema!

Join Marina and Ben in a real Spanish conversation, about Marina’s despair over screens in Ben and her son’s life and the early days of Notes in Spanish.

‘Cada loco con su tema’ is similar to ‘To each his own’ in English, and means that everyone has their own little obsession, or opinion about something.

Learning note: Even if you only got just one or two words out of the Spanish portion of this video, that’s already cause for celebration. On my (Ben’s) second day in Madrid in 1998, when I hardly spoke a word of Spanish,  I say Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan… dubbed into Spanish – by mistake! (I thought I was seeing the English version!)

I think I got three Spanish words out of a 2 hour film, and I was delighted! I thought, you have to start somewhere!

How to progress: Challenge yourself! Listen to lots of our audios and combine them with the worksheets in our store – you’ll learn so much, much faster!