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Spanish Imperatives – The Ones We Use At Home!


In today’s video we have a fun look at some Spanish imperatives – the ones you are most likely to hear us using at home! Here is all the most important Spanish from the video:

¡Para Ben! ¡Qué me estás molestando! – Stop Ben! You are annoying me!

Molestar – To annoy

¡Ponte las pilas! – Get on with it!

¡Qué vamos a llegar tarde! – We are going to be late!

¡Tenemos mucho que hacer! – We’ve got a lot to do!

¡Date prisa! – Hurry up!

¡Déjame en paz! – Leave me in peace!

Ven aquí – Come here

Quiero hablar contigo – I want to talk to you

Escúchame un momentito, que quiero contarte una cosa – Listen to me a moment, I want to tell you something