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Campando A Sus Anchas – Great Real Spanish Phrase!

¡Hola a tod@s!

A new video today with some of our favourite phrases for having an easy day wandering around enjoying life! Check out the video, and find all the phrases listed below.

A note for Beginners and Intermediates! These phrases may feel a bit advanced for you at the moment, but don’t worry! First of all, collecting and using a few real Spanish phrases at this stage is essential – it’s great fun, it adds richness to the language-learning process, and will really impress people! Secondly, when you work with the combination of our audios and worksheets, you’ll soon be at a level to confidently use phrases like this all the time!

Here they are in print – more advice at the bottom of the page:

Campando a nuestras anchas por Chueca – Wandering freely and happily around Chueca

Dar una vuelta – To go for a wander

Ben, ¿te vienes a dar una vuelta a Madrid? – Do you want to go for a wander around Madrid?

Pasar el rato – Spend some time doing something

Ben, ¿te vienes a pasar un rato conmigo a la terraza? – Do you want to come and hang out for a while with me on the terrace?

Estás muy dispuesto hoy, ¿eh? – You’re up for everything today, right?

Hoy digo que sí a todo – Today I say yes to everything

Pasar el día – Spend the day

¿Vamos a pasar el día en El Escorial? – Shall we go and spend the day in El Escorial?

Fenomenal. ¿Me invitas a comer? – Great, will you buy me lunch?

Por supuesto – Of course

A ti te invito a comer cuando quieras – I’ll buy you lunch whenever you like

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