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5 Great Spanish Phrases when you are lost in your thoughts… and ‘Conversations’ news!

Vocab from this video:

Está en Babia, Está en las nubes, Está en su mundo, Está despistado – All mean: she/he is lost in his own thoughts, she/he’s in a dream

Es un despistado – she/he’s a dreamy person

Ha perdido el norte – she/he’s a bit lost

Big News! Notes in Spanish Conversations and The Real Spanish Archives report!

On Monday November 5th (this coming Monday!) we release the first episode of our new, weekly, Notes in Spanish Conversations podcast.

UPDATE! It’s available now here!

PLUS, we’ll be letting all our listeners know about a very special way to support our work, and how to get hold of the 18 page Real Spanish Archives report mentioned in the video – it’s great for ALL levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

How can I get the Real Spanish Archives report?

Stay tuned to our newsletter (you can sign up via this page if you haven’t already, and we’ll let you know first thing on Monday about how to get the report, how to listen to the new audios, and how to get the new transcripts. Not long now!

Who is the new ‘Notes in Spanish Conversations’ podcast for?

Advanced and Inspired intermediate listeners – If you are Advanced, these audios and the transcripts will help keep you at the highest level. If you are a higher level and Inspired Intermediate listener, the transcripts will help you get a LOT out of the new audios.

What will be in the transcripts?

These new transcripts include a full transcript of our conversation, and a special list we call ‘Real Essential Spanish’, where we pick out the most important real Spanish words and phrases from our conversation, what we feel you really need to know whatever your level.

How can I get the weekly transcripts?

We’ll let you know on Monday – we’re using a new system that will easily deliver the new transcripts for you week by week, to coincide with the new audios every Monday. So stay tuned! Whatever your level! All will be revealed on Monday!

UPDATE! It’s all available now here!