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Great Spanish Phrases with Dar Vuelta and News

Hola amigas y amigos,

Lots of news today! First some useful Spanish phrases with ‘dar vuelta’, then links to a great interview with Ben and Marina about life in Spain, and much more (so do read on below!)

Spanish phrases with Dar Vuelta:

Le voy a dar una vuelta – I’m going to think about it (e.g. a decision or possible plan)

Darle una vuelta y me dices – think about it and let me know

No le des tantas vueltas al coco – (slang) don’t overthink it, don’t think about it so much (“it” being whatever you are thinking too much about!)

Also in the world of mindfulness, you will hear:

La mente da muchas vueltas – the mind spins around a lot

Another way to say this is ‘la mente es muy saltarina’ – the mind jumps around a lot. ‘Saltarina’ comes from ‘saltar’, to jump.

Ben and Marina Interview:

We were interviewed by Paul Burge for his When in Spain podcast. We chat with Paul about how Spain has changed since Ben first arrived here twenty years ago, the ups and downs of bi-cultural and bilingual relationships, observations on Spanish life, favourite places in Madrid, whether living in a foreign country changes you, and if there is a specific type of personality that’s suited to building a life abroad.

Listen here (interview in English) and check out the When in Spain Facebook page for show notes.

Today’s photo:

The photo at the top of today’s post is from Asturias, near Arriondas, and is part of Ben’s fine art photo collection at the Print Arcade.

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Un abrazo!

Ben y Marina

P.S. (or ‘P.D.’ as the Spanish write) if you are interested in happiness, and mindfulness, check out Ben’s side project ‘Being Happiness’ (in English).