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Some cool Spanish slang!

Hola amigas y amigos,

We hope you’ve had a great summer! We spent some time at the beach in Cantabria, near Santander (see the photo above!) Today we’ve got some great slang Spanish from the streets of Spain.

Some cool Spanish slang!

It’s 20 years since I (Ben) moved to Madrid, so I can say:

Llevo 20 años en Madrid, un huevo de tiempo – I’ve been in Madrid for 20 years, a really long time (literal translation “an egg of time”!)

“Un huevo”, an egg, is often used in Spain to show something is really big, or long. But don’t use this in formal circumstances, it’s pretty slang – fine with friends though! Here are more examples:

Los precios de las casas han subido un huevo este año – The prices of houses have gone up a huge amount this year.

Los mejores futbolistas ganan un huevo – The best football players earn a huge amount of money (not an egg!)

This is going to be a great year for your Spanish!

Saludos desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina