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Summer Real Spanish Phrases and more!

Queridos amigos,

As you know, we love to collect and share with you real Spanish phrases (Ben carries a notebook around and is always writing down the best from conversations with Spanish friends!)

Here are a few of the latest that have made us think ‘we have to send these to our Notes in Spanish listeners!’

First of all, why haven’t you heard from us in a while?

Hemos estado muy liados con las nuevas leyes de privacidad – We’ve been really busy with the new privacy laws.

Y como dicen en España, ‘Cosas del palacio van despacio’ – As they say in Spain, bureaucracy is a slow process. (Literally, things of the palace go slowly – you hear this phrase often when there is tedious paperwork to be done involving the state).

Another phrase with ‘liado’:

Estoy super liado en el trabajo – I’m really busy at work

Pero bueno, ha llegado el verano, y hace un calor que te mueres – But anyway, summer has arrived, and it’s unbelievably hot (literally ‘it makes a heat that you die!)

Ha llegado el calor y me ha dejado planchado – The heat has arrived and it’s knocked me out (literally ‘it has ironed me’!)

Nos cuesta más dormir por la noche, y por la mañana se nos pegan las sabanas – It’s harder for us to get to sleep at night, and in the morning we can’t get out of bed (literally ‘the sheets stick to us’)

And a phrase Ben often uses at swimming pools:

Soy de secano – I’m not much of a water person (when someone asks me why I don’t get in the pool or the sea much)

And finally, a verb that is much used around June/July in Spain, veranear:

¿Donde veranáis? – Where are you going on holiday this summer?

Los Reyes siempre veranean en Mallorca – the Royals always go on their summer holiday in Mallorca.

More cool Spanish like this!

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