Spanish Books To Read, A Beautiful Song and More…

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First of all, have you seen the new ‘resources‘ link in the navigation menu above? Make sure you have seen all the great things on offer there if you haven’t got them already.

A beautiful song…

We’ve posted a link to ‘Gracias a la vida’ before, but we’ve never heard it quite like this version by Dom La Nena (follow that link to hear it on Bandcamp for free or to purchase for download). She sings with an Argentine accent (though she was born in Brasil), which leads to some really beautiful pronunciation in the song.

Reading advice…

Also, if you missed it on our Facebook page, we asked for advice on books to read in Spanish and got an overwhelming response, lots of useful information. Check out all the suggestions in the 60+comments here if you’d like ideas for reading in Spanish.

Feel free to add more books to the comments there, or to suggest books or equally beautiful Spanish songs in the comments for this blog post below.

And don’t forget, keep on listening to our audio, it’s the best Spanish learning resource we’ve got! And all free!

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12 thoughts on “Spanish Books To Read, A Beautiful Song and More…

  1. Kathy O'Grady

    I went to the list and found out I could not access it unless I was on Facebook or created an account. I do not have an account nor will I join. So how do I see the list???

    1. Ben Post author

      You should be able to just close the box asking you to log in or join, and see the page underneath. It’s public.

      1. Pat

        I’m not a facebook user but could see the comments.
        Children’s books first two in Madrid Elvira Lindo Manolito Gafotas and Care Santos Se vende Mama both do use some colloquial language but are witty and humorous. Historia de una gaviota y del gato que le enseño a .volar Luis Sepulvedra.
        The first book I read was Soldados de Salamina by Javier Cercas He uses a journalistic style so not too many adjectives! I loved La voz Dormida by the late Dulce Chacon [harrowing civil war based] I now read a lot of crime fiction. The language can be tricky but the more you read, the more you absorb the language. I like Petros Márkaris especially his trilogy about the crisis – it is a translation from Greek. I also have read Antonio Munoz Molina, Lorenzo Silva, and Alicia Gimenez Bartlet [Petra Delicado] Non fiction try Extra 35 aniversario 35 articles from El País covering 35 years. Free to download from Amazon. NB you can download a couple of chapters free of most books to try.
        Try listening to Página Dos on rtve. The more recent programmes include subtitles and a transcript.

  2. Nadette

    Aye ¡qué voz maravillosa la de Dom! Un músico e intérprete excepcional coincidiendo magníficamente con el violonchelo…
    Gracias a la vida y a vosotros por regalarme esta mañana…

    1. Ben

      Follow the link to Facebook and you should see all the suggestions in the comments there, you shouldn’t need to log in or anything.

  3. Priya

    Great list. I am making a small collection of novels and books to learn Spanish. I check websites and lists, that’s how I reached this post. I am reading a novel called Abcalia right now. It’s the first one in lists of novels to learn Spanish. I wish there were more novels recommended for Spanish learners there.

  4. Priya

    Oh! I forgot to say that I saw one comment recommending books by Elvira Lindo. It’s a classic in Spanish Literature. Manolito Gafotas is really entertaining for children.

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