Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2 – Ep.6 – Vente a Alemania Pepe

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Ben and Marina discuss emmigration from Spain over the last century, how it affected Marina’s family directly, and whether it is really about to happen again now.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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2 thoughts on “Notes in Spanish Gold Season 2 – Ep.6 – Vente a Alemania Pepe

  1. Andrew

    The expression you mentioned as being a common way to express the fact that you’re unemployed sounds to me like it’s very likely specific to Spain only, since it references a type of unemployment insurance that’s only available in Spain, no one else has what they call a “paro” I believe.

    I checked my dictionary and it confirmed this, “estar en paro” is exclusively Peninsular Spanish, it’s not used elsewhere.

    For those learning Latin American Spanish, the more common methods of expressing this there seem to be “estar cesante” or “estar parado” (“estar desempleado” is also correct there, but I’m not sure how common it is).


  2. James

    Hay una anecdota antigua sobre un pez que no se da cuenta de que vive en el agua. Para el, el agua y el mundo son iguales. Se supone que es una metafora de la cultura: no podemos ver nuestra misma cultura mientras que vivimos en ella. Tal vez vivir en una cultura nueva nos despierta. Me encanta esta tema y este audio. Gracias

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