Thank You For Your Help!

We did it! With your help, with 10% of the proceeds from our 2008 winter sale, we reached our 1,000 Euro target for children affected by the Cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. In fact, we decided to round things up, and used Notes in Spanish funds to raise the total donation to Unicef’s Zimbabwe fund to 1,500 Euros:


As it says on the Unicef website, “Zimbabue está experimentando el peor brote de cólera de los últimos años. Más de 500 personas han perdido la vida, tras el colapso del suministro de agua y de la sanidad. UNICEF trabaja contra reloj para evitar la extensión de la enfermedad y para atender a las familias afectadas.”

Many many thanks again. Finally, we hope to donate 5% of all profits from our company, Notes from Spain S.L. (parent company of Notes in Spanish), to charity in 2009, mainly children’s charities again.

Saludos desde Madrid,

Ben y Marina

10 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Help!

  1. Maria S.

    Thanks so much for setting a good example!
    I did something similar which each child born to me – I took on foster kids through World Vision – and still give to other charities.
    It has been said: “The more you give, the more you will have.”
    I can vouch for that!

  2. Sally

    I am an ex-Zimbabwean learning Spanish with Ben and Marina. I lived there for the first 18 years of my life and am now a world citizen living in Bangkok, Thailand. You could not have chosen a more deserving cause. The situation in Zimbabwe is far graver than any of us realize and I thank you all for giving so generously. Peace and love, SAL

  3. Jenny

    Ben and Marina,

    I really enjoy your website/podcasts/videos/learning materials, but this is just icing on the cake (!). I’m so proud of the work you’ve done with your site to make such a generous contribution to Unicef; it’s an honor to be connected, even in such a small way, with others on this planet who are working to make a difference however they know now. !Que estupendo! Happy holidays, congrats on your new little one, and looking forward to more from Notes in Spanish in ’09. Besos, Jenny

  4. Arthur Skok

    Ben and Marina
    I am an ex South African patriot living in Toronto. I lived near the border of Zimbabwe in a Town called Pietersburg . I also was in the military there and had to go and out of Zims during the Bush war. It is high time that the world really understands the metality of these brutal dictators in Africa like Mugabe. Unfortunatly , even though it is great that we can make these donations , Africa always seems to go back to being Africa. I so miss it and have so much pain for my ex countrymen. I have been learning Spanish now for about 18 months and simply love your site. Thanks for taking the time to care for others it is” Muy Trieste” that here we are in this technologically advanced world and there are still others less fortunate who don’t have any food to eat this Christmas.

  5. Chris Sherratt

    Great. PS. Your blog rss feed seems to be broken. I haven’t seen an update from the feed since 20th Aug 2008 (Podcast 30 – Horarios).

  6. John

    Bravo on a wonderful charitable donation. Your example is inspiring, showing what we all could do if we put our minds to it. Keep up the good work.

    John M

  7. la vieja de la manga

    Well done Ben & Marina, it was a lovely idea and very generous. Feliz Navidad a todos. Jill

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