Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 21 – Intercambios

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We’re back! In this, the first episode of Season 2, we look at great conversation openers in Spanish to help you out at parties, when you meet new poeple, with intercambios and more! Plus, useful language to help you learn even more when talking to others in Spanish!

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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11 thoughts on “Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 21 – Intercambios

  1. Brenda Allan

    Love your website and podcasts! I just returned from Spain after spending 6 weeks walking across the country. Beautiful, even if the weather this spring was coolish. After studying Spanish, practicing, listening and writing…I found that when I was speaking with Spanish speakers, I was reduced to very basic phrases, although the longer I was there, the easier it became. I realize that I need to find someone with whom I can have conversations with..face to face..thinking and answering on the spot. That is the part of the brain that needs the work! Keep up the great work, you two. I’ll be back to Spain!

  2. dennis kerns

    I have found your podcasts very beneficial in tuning the ear to natiye speakers.
    My wife and I plan on visiting Madrid from Sept. 15-30 visiting friends we met on skype,hope to make contact with you while there.

  3. Andrew

    Hola Ben y Marina,

    Me chifla tus podcasts; todo los niveles! Siempre no puedo esperar por cada episodia a descargar.

    Tengo una sugerencia por un podcast para cualquier nivel, como el equipo nacional en el ‘Euro 08’. El equipo suele descender en los campeonatos del mundo y la Europea tambien.

    Con esperanza, hara and realizar esa sugerencia


    Andrew (Londres)

  4. ben Post author

    @Champ – drop us a mail before you get into town to see if we are about.

    @Andrew – me gusta tu idea, lo voy a añadir a la lista.

  5. Shirley Herdson

    I am one of the older generation trying to learn Spanish, and have found your podcasts very helpful, the subjects are easy to follow so makes listening that much easier too.
    I just love Spain and the Spanish, I only wish I had learnt Spanish when I was younger.
    I have a four year old grandson who is picking up Spanish very quickly, with the help I have received from the podcasts he will be speaking like a native in no time, thank you both

  6. chinky

    i dont know how to thank you both for helping me in such short span of time…….Just 7 days from my university examinations…..My teacher expects a lot from me and i dont know if i could even some of it without your help……..
    thank you so much.

  7. Anne Paulsen

    Hola Ben y Marino,

    Gracias para el podcasts interesante y divertido. He escuchado todo. Puede por favor hablar de “bullfighting” y los matadores que es un sujeto interesante?

    Hasta luego,

    Anne (Egham, UK)

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