Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 12 – Yo Que Tú

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In this episode we look at ways of giving advice in Spanish.

Saludos desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina
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3 thoughts on “Inspired Beginners Spanish Podcast 12 – Yo Que Tú

  1. Mark

    I would be grateful if someone could spare a moment to answer a simple question regarding the use of the verb Pilotar used in the last podcast.

    In a comment that I made to the previous podcast I also used the verb Volar for being at the controls of an aircraft. In English you can say, for example, I have piloted, Or I have flown. Both are grammatically correct but sure, to Pilot,is the more technical way of saying it. In Spanish are they interchangeable in this case, or should Volar only be used in the sense of being a passenger?

    Thanks again for another enjoyable podcast!


  2. Marina

    As you’ve said, “Pilotar” is the perfect term for being at the controls of a plane or a helicopter. “Volar” is more ambiguous as it could refer to either flying as a passenger or as a pilot, probably more used for the former, but note that there is a little difference on the usage:

    He volado en avión – Means you’ve flown as a passenger on a plane.
    He volado un avión – Means you’ve piloted it.

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