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Sharpening up your Spanish in the New Year – 5 Ideas

Is your New Year’s Resolution to improve your Spanish this year?

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1. Join, or create, a local Spanish enthusiasts meet up, with – read more about this here, in the forum.

2. Make a list of three or four grammar points you feel you have never got the hang of and resolve to clear them up once and for all. has great explanations for this sort of thing. Still annoyed by saber and conocer for example? I finally managed to clear up the four ‘porques’ last week!

3. Plan a trip to Spain or South America. But steer clear of touristy areas, and you will have much more chance to use your Spanish. Just knowing you will have to test your Spanish later in the year can provide a big motivation boost.

4. This one is really random: make a video diary in Spanish and publish it on youtube! Just make sure you tell us about it afterwards!

5. Share your favourite words, ask questions, look for interesting resources in the Learning Spanish section of the Notes in Spanish Forum!

Over to you: more ideas in the comments below please!