Tristan’s remarkable story…

OK, here’s Tristan’s story, sent to us by email the other day:

“I started with your Beginners Podcasts about 14 months ago, and slowly worked my way through all the levels all the way up to advanced.

I have always been a language geek (I love it!) and I dedicated a lot of time to learning Spanish.

Partly thanks to you guys, your materials and your passion, next week I will begin to teach a beginner’s (level 2) class in Spanish at my local Spanish school where I studied the language in conjunction with your podcasts, among other resources.

It is true to say that I am a self-confessed language nerd and have dedicated a lot of my time to studying over the past 14 months, but I’m quite proud to be at a level where I can teach others what I enjoy so much, after about 14 months of learning and never having been to a Spanish speaking country.

I wanted you guys to know that you really helped me in achieving my goal and in getting me where I am today!

Last but not least, I am now able to communicate fairly fluently with my (Colombian) wife’s family: something I could never have done without all the Spanish resources available on the web, of which yours is one of the best by far.

We’re going to Colombia later this year, so that will be the true test!

Hope you know that the work you do truly does have an impact on people =)

Gracias y saludos de Melbourne,

14 months from beginner to *teacher* with the help of Notes in Spanish! Frankly, that makes us insanely happy!

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