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  • This is the very Best Product we’ve ever made to get Intermediate Students up to an Advanced Level, Fast
  • Leap ahead with your Spanish at a moment’s notice, the perfect Bridge to Advanced
  • Includes worksheets for all 54 Gold Seasons 1 and 2 audios, with full Spanish transcript, key vocab and grammar list, and useful exercises.
  • BONUSES! Our best techniques, extra vocab, and real colloquial Spanish in the 13 Gold Q and A bonus audios – we recommend you start using these right now!
  • Instant digital access and Full 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


FOR INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS: The most important thing at your level is to be able to leap ahead with your Spanish at a moment’s notice. Gold is the BEST resource we’ve got to help you up to Advanced the exact moment that inspiration strikes. Amazing transformations can occur in your Spanish level when you’ve got the right next-step materials immediately on hand.

Our Gold audios, with their real Spanish conversation followed by key analysis in English are ideal for motivated Intermediate learners who are ready to improve fast!

The 54 Gold Season 1 and 2 worksheets in this pack include a full transcript of each Spanish conversation (so you miss nothing!), plus a breakdown of the words, phrases, and grammar from the analysis section, and useful exercises.

These worksheets will make ALL the difference to how fast you progress from Intermediate to Advanced Spanish.

The 13 Bonus Q and A audios included in this pack, where we give key Spanish-learning advice, the best colloquial Spanish, and answer incredibly useful listener questions, will sky-rocket your Spanish to Advanced!

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Gold Special Offer!
US$ 97.00