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“Tétrico” and Other Great Spanish Words

Today we share a host of wonderful new Spanish words and phrases and give an update on what’s going on this month.

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Vocab and phrases from today’s video

Deslumbrado – Dazzled

¿A qué si? – Isn’t that right?

Gazapo – Baby rabbit, a little mistake

Tétrico – Dark, scary, gloomy

La misa era muy tétrica – The mass was a bit dark/gloomy

Perdido de la mano de Dios – In the middle of nowhere

En el culo del mundo – In the middle of nowhere

7 thoughts on ““Tétrico” and Other Great Spanish Words”

  1. Lo disfruté el video por supuesto. Creo que hay otro frase que significa ´in the middle of nowwhere´. Quizas hay muchas frases pero el que lo conozco es ´En la mitad de la nada´. ¿Es eso correcta?


  2. I find “en el quinto pino” useful for “in the middle of nowhere/in the back of beyond”.
    Spanish has the regular verb/noun “pronunciar/pronunciación”, whereas English regularly catches out Spanish speakers, and some natives, with “to pronounce/pronunciation (with the “o” omitted)”. “Pronounciation” is incorrect but has become so common that perhaps it should be an alternative.

  3. Hola Both
    Gazapo I put this word to a Spanish friend she said it’s a small mistake or error she could not believe it meant a baby rabbit until she checked her dictionary

    Then I realised that I had no idea what a baby rabbit was in English until I checked
    A kit or kitten

    So we both learnt in or respective languages


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