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Real Spanish Sports Phrases!

Today we discuss real Spanish phrases related to sports and exercise!

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Vocab from today’s video:

Marina es profesora de yoga – Marina is a yoga teacher

No me gusta pasarme de rosca – I don’t like to overdo it

Pasarse de ronca – To overdo it

Te pasas de rosca – You overdo it

Marina me parece que te has pasado de rosca – Marina, I think you’ve overdone it

Juan está pasado de rosca – Juan is overtired

Ser chachas – To be really muscly, “ripped”

Ben que cachas estás – How muscly you are Ben

Estás muy cachas – You are really muscly

Es un cachas – He/she is really muscly, “ripped”

Pura fibra – Pure muscle fibre

Ser un crack – To be amazing at something

Antonio es un crack, siempre que tira a canasta encesta – Antonio is amazing, every time he shoots he makes a basket

Soy un crack haciendo punto – I’m amazing at knitting

Pedro es un poco paquete – Pedro is a bit useless (at sport)

¿Queréis echar una pachanga esta tarde? – Do you want to play a casual game of football this afternoon?

Vamos a darle caña – Let’s really go for it

Quiero desfogarme un poco – I want to let off steam

9 thoughts on “Real Spanish Sports Phrases!”

  1. Thank you, Benn and Marina for those phrases, they are helpful. “Tomar el pelo a algn.” can also be translated as “taking the rise out of sb.” or “taking the ‘p…’ as the not-so-sophisicated English often say.

    Translating”Ser un cachas/Estar cachas”,( to be a he-man, well built, muscely) as “ripped” might raise eyebrows for some, but the fact that you put it in quotation marks suggests that it may be a colloquial term bearing the same meaning in certain areas.

    Anyway, thanks alot, muchas gracias. !Vayan (Uds) con Dios! !Viva Espana!
    patrick Monaghan

  2. Gracias,
    Pasarse de ronca – To overdo it, verdad? or correctamente pasarse de rosca?
    Me parece de ronca es divertido.


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