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Typical Spanish Mistakes …Are Great!?

Today, why Spanish mistakes are great, Ben’s biggest, and the 14 year-old Spanish kid that keeps riling Ben about it! What are your typical mistakes? Do you slip up with El bocata, el sofá, el mapa, el tema… y la mano?

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What Spanish mistake do you often make? Let us know in the comments!

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Un abrazo, Ben y Marina

12 thoughts on “Typical Spanish Mistakes …Are Great!?”

  1. I have tried so many different ways to learn Spanish since moving here but your video’s, tips and transcripts are 100% better than any other method I have tried – I always learn something every time – Thank you. Beautiful scenery today – disfruta de sus vacaciones.

  2. Hola Ben y Marina
    I have been following Notes in Spanish for many years and I do love the polite way you correct Ben when he makes a mistake. He makes a lot fewer mistakes now.

    It reminds me of a friend of mine in Spain who corrects my mistakes. It is the best way to learn. The only time I remember her laughing was when I referred to the golfer Tiger Woods as a Golfo instead of Golfista. Golfo in Spanish means a scoundrel or a man with many girlfriends.

    The word that I often misspeak is El Foto. I usually correct myself immediately because I know it is La Foto short for Fotografía.

    Two others:
    La Mano not El Mano
    I believe it comes from the Latin word Manus

    El Mapa not La Mapa
    I believe it also comes from Latin.

    Enjoy the day…..
    El Día not La Día
    Arthur Desde NYC

  3. Un error que hago es derecho y derecha cuando tengo que pensar muy rápido cuando estoy corriendo con mi amigo de México. Él quieres que digo cuál dirección quiero que corramos. Un día dije derecho, pero antes de nosotros fue la calle!! De repente dije derecha! izquierda! y empecé a reir! Pues, por lo menos él corrió en un circulo, y no en la calle, jejeje!

  4. My Spanish is pretty good but every once in a while I confuse “por” and “para!” That would be a good subject for one of your videos!
    Disfuta de sus vacaciones!
    Brian from New York

    • Thanks Brian, yes, Por and Para – what cruelty to have two such similar words in Spanish! We have Inspired Beginners podcasts on Por and Para, hopefully you’ve listened to those 🙂

  5. Ben and Marina,

    I don’t care about the mistakes. All of us “learners” make them all the time. No, my comment is about the two of you.

    You two are obviously very much in love and are delightful when you join together to teach us. There is no one better than you two.

    I love your videos, no matter the topic.

    Have a splendid day,
    Bill Paradis

    • Hi Dorilla, it’s very similar to the difference between I like (me gusta) and I love (me encanta) – me gusta la tortilla, I like tortilla, me encanta la fruta – I love fruit. We’ll make a video soon about this and other variations.

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