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Fun Spanish Pronunciation Challenge!

Hola Dear Spanish Learning Friends!!

Can you say the word in this video? If you can, you are very good at Spanish! (You may need to practice a few times!)

This week sees the launch of Advanced Season Three – if you are advanced (or an inspired intermediate learner ready for a new challenge), check out episode 1 here!

For Inspired Beginner and Intermediate learners, keep listening to our audios and using the accompanying worksheets – they will make a huge difference to your Spanish!

Check out this wonderful review we received this week for our Whole Enchilada pack, perfect for your level:

The best Spanish learning package out there. I’ve really struggled to engage myself previously in textbooks and classes. This really provides the best tools to help you embrace the real Spanish conversations and so many invaluable phrases to help you sound like a true native. Thank you so much Ben & Marina! – Chris

Check out the Whole Enchilada here if you are at the Inspired Beginner or Intermediate level.

Un abrazo desde Madrid!

Ben y Marina

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"My knowledge of current Spanish has improved immeasurably through your audios, but the real key to moving forward has been the worksheets... invaluable!"

Michael Gordon
Certified Customer