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Hot Summer Spanish Phrases To Impress The Locals!

We love this guy in the photo, a regular for years in Madrid’s retiro park, by the statue of the ‘Angel Caído’. He knew how to deal with the heat – get out and enjoy it!

With 41ºC/105ºF in Madrid last weekend and 35+º this week, Marina and I (Ben) are saying:

¡Madre mía, qué calor! – My goodness it’s hot!

To really impress Spanish speakers with your real Spanish, you can also say:

¡Qué calor! ¡Me va a dar algo! – It’s so hot, It’ll be the end of me!
¡Me muero de calor! – I’m dying of heat
¡Hace un sol de justicia! – The sun is incredibly strong (a classic phrase in Madrid!)

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Un abrazo fuerte,

Ben y Marina