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Vacaciones Con Retos! Learn Spanish This Summer!


In our latest Spanish learning video (with real Spanish conversation followed by analysis in English!) Ben and Marina discuss the heat in Madrid, summer holiday plans, and what challenges they have lined up for the summer.

Vocab and phrases from the ‘Analysis’ section

¿Qué tal? – How are you?
…Muy bien – Fine
…Regular – So so/not great
…Estamos fatal – We are a complete mess
Todo el mundo tiene insomnio – Everyone has insomnia
El fin de semana que viene prometen 37 o 38 grados – This weekend we can expect 37 or 38 degrees
La fiesta de esta noche promete – I think it’s going to be a great party tonight
La fiesta promete – The party looks like it’s going to be really good
Vamos a viajar a la Selva Negra que me hace mucha ilusión – We are going to go down to the Black Forest which I’m really excited about
A mi me hace mucha ilusión pasar por Suiza – I’m really excited about going through Switzerland
Tienes algún reto para las vacaciones – Do you have any goals /challenges for the holidays?
Descansar y pasármelo bien – Relax and have a good time
Pásatelo bien – Have a good time
Bloc para esbozo – Sketch pad
Bloc – Notepad
Leeré a ratitos – I’m going to read in short bursts

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