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Pleasantries in Spanish – Keeping in with the Neighbours!

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We recently got an email from Phil, who lives in Andalusia, about a bit of a problem:

“…one of the problems I have with my Spanish neighbours is just exchanging pleasantries, especially showing appreciation for things without just repeating ‘muchas gracias’ over and over again – as the British are wont to do!

They are forever giving us little gifts, inviting us to join them for meals etc, and sometimes we do , and other times we can’t. But I’d love to have a few more ways to say: That’s very kind of you; What a nice thought; What a lovely idea!; Oh, that would be lovely; Oh thank you, but we can’t today etc etc.”

Hopefully the audio above gives you a few more phrases for your arsenal Phil!

Here are the phrases we discuss in the audio above:

Que detalle mas bonito – What a lovely thought

Gracias por haberos acordado de nosotros – Thanks for thinking of us

Que buena idea – What a great idea

Que buen plan – What a great sounding plan

Nos encantaría – We’d love to

Nos encantaría, pero no podemos porque ya hemos quedado – We’d love to but we can’t as we’ve already made other plans

Estamos muy agradecidos estaba todo riquísimo – Thanks so much, it was all delicious

Es que no puedo porque tengo que ir al dentista – I can’t as I have to go to the dentist

Es que no me viene bien – It’s not convenient

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